Top 3 Cheapest Airlines in Nigeria you must know

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Here in this article we are going to discuss on the cheapest Airlines in nigeria and their location in the country.

Air transportation is the fastest way to get from one place to the other. And it is also the safest mode of transportation. Those in the aviation sector world over are held to a higher standard of safety measures as compared to other transportation sectors. When compared to other means of transport though, air in the most expensive. In this economic situation, we all want ways to save money.  In this article, you’ll be learning how to find cheap flights, and also the airlines that offer the cheapest flights in Nigeria.


Cheapest Flight Carriers in Nigeria:


  • Medview:            

They are called the Blue Wings, apart from their local routes they also fly international. These routes include London in the UK and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Medview recently started flying to Accra Ghana.

To get the best prices from Medview, make sure you book online, there is usually a discount for those who book online. Their offices are in Lagos, Uk and Jeddah, with the Lagos office being the head office.


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  • IRS Airlines:     

    They are reputed for their pristine safety track records, as far as the aviation industry is concerned. IRS Airlines, was established in 2002, and they fly to major Nigerian cities. With IRS Airlines, not only is safety sure, you can also book your ticket online hassle free. IRS combines world safety standards with affordable pricing. Their routes include Enugu, Calabar, Jos, and Maiduguri amongst others.

    These are some of the cheapest flight carriers in Nigeria, and most of them have good safety track records. Well if you are coming into Nigeria, the best time to travel is during the rainy season.


  • Dana Air:    

    Dana air provides one of the cheapest flight services in Nigeria and they are probably one of the most popular. They also offer charter services. Dana Air route includes Uyo, Owerri, Portharcourt, with Accra as the only International destination. Their cheapest fare is N21,000 but you have to book days ahead to be sure of getting this discounted price. Dana flies, economy, business and also premium classes. Of course the various classes come with their individual characteristics.


        There are three major airports:

  • Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport
  • Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
  • Port Harcourt International Airport.


There are a number of International airlines that fly to Nigeria though, namely:

  • British Airways (London – Abuja, Lagos)
  • KLM (Amsterdam – Lagos, Abuja)
  • Air France (Paris – Lagos, Abuja)
  • Alitalia (Rome – Lagos)
  • Turkish Airlines (Istanbul – Lagos)
  • Lufthansa (Frankfurt – Abuja, Lagos)
  • Iberia Airlines (Madrid – Lagos)
  • Delta Airlines (Offers Accra, New York – Abuja flights as well as Atlanta – Lagos flights )
  • Emirates (Dubai – Lagos)
  • Middle East Airlines (Beirut – Lagos)
  • Qatar Airways (Doha – Lagos)
  • South African Airways (Johannesburg – Lagos)
  • Egypt Air (Cairo – Abuja, Lagos)
  • Ethiopian Airlines (Addis Abba – Lagos, Abuja)
  • Kenya Airways (Nairobi – Lagos)


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Cheapest flights to Nigeria:


  • Washington-DC to Abujafrom – ($629)
  • Washington-DC to Lagosfrom – ($629)
  • New-York to Lagosfrom – ($669)
  • Chicago to Lagosfrom – ($673)
  • New-York to Abujafrom – ($706)
  • Los-Angeles to Lagosfrom ($778)
  • Washington-DC to Lagosfrom – ($778)
  • Atlanta to Abujafrom – ($779)
  • William-P-Hobby to Lagosfrom – ($780)
  • Houston to Lagosfrom – ($780)
  • Boston to Lagosfrom – ($803)
  • Chicago to Abujafrom – ($811)
  • Washington-DC to Abujafrom – ($812)
  • San-Francisco to Lagosfrom – ($856)
  • Indianapolis to Lagosfrom – ($864)
  • Miami to Lagosfrom – ($891)
  • Dallas to Lagosfrom – ($910)
  • Boston to Abujafrom – ($942)
  • Sacramento to Lagosfrom – ($949)
  • Houston to Abujafrom – ($952)
  • Indianapolis to Abujafrom – ($954)
  • Nashville to Abujafrom – ($954)
  • Atlanta to Lagosfrom – ($974)
  • Charleston to Lagosfrom – ($976 )
  • Raleigh-Durham-Intl to Lagosfrom – ($978)
  • Ontario to Lagosfrom – ($999)
  • Miami to Abujafrom – ($1000)
  • Cleveland to Lagosfrom – ($1003 )
  • Detroit to Lagosfrom – ($1022)
  • Memphis to Lagosfrom – ($1034)
  • Philadelphia to Abujafrom – ($1039)
  • Rochester-(New-York) to Lagosfrom – ($1044)

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