FUO Admission List For 2018/2019 Released

School Gist

The following are candidates who have accepted their Offer of Admission into Federal University Otuoke for the 2018/2019 Academic Session. FACULTY OF EDUCATIONS/N NAME Department 1 Abara Elizabeth BUSINESS EDUCATION 2 Agboli David BUSINESS EDUCATION 3 Agboola Itunu Adeola BUSINESS EDUCATION 4 Ajidibi Emmanuel BUSINESS EDUCATION 5 Alexander Tulanami Love BUSINESS EDUCATION 6 Amromata Igho Favour BUSINESS EDUCATION 7 Aniukwu Johnbosco Chigozie BUSINESS EDUCATION 8 Anthony Joy Mirian BUSINESS EDUCATION 9 Ashibudike Rachael Oyinmiebi BUSINESS EDUCATION 10 Bozimo Emmanuella Oyindobara BUSINESS EDUCATION 11 Brass Stella Ayibatari BUSINESS EDUCATION 12 Chinemerem Precious Sopuruchi BUSINESS EDUCATION 13 Edafiakpo Oghenebrizie Helen BUSINESS EDUCATION 14 Egbroko Chekwubechukwu Ruth BUSINESS EDUCATION 15 Egekwu Ifeanyi Precious BUSINESS EDUCATION 16 Ekete Elayo Prince BUSINESS EDUCATION 17 Ekpelimode Sophia BUSINESS EDUCATION 18 Ekwenze Sylvester Nnamdi BUSINESS EDUCATION 19 Esonwunne Precious Ekene BUSINESS EDUCATION 20 Etadafe Etaoghene Joy BUSINESS EDUCATION 21 Etete Olaere BUSINESS EDUCATION 22 Etukudoh Elizabeth Usoh BUSINESS EDUCATION 23 Eze Paul Chiwendu BUSINESS EDUCATION 24 Ezekiel Kingboy BUSINESS EDUCATION 25 Harcourt Ramaguo Attwood BUSINESS EDUCATION 26 Ibekwe Sandra Chinecherem BUSINESS EDUCATION 27 Ijanmi Victoria Ekhaegberi BUSINESS EDUCATION 28 Iniobio Johnson Thomas BUSINESS EDUCATION 29 Iroronwa Elvis Onyeka BUSINESS EDUCATION 30 Jacob Emuyerhi BUSINESS EDUCATION 31 Joseph Joshua BUSINESS EDUCATION 32 Kester Oluwatobi Oghenemaro BUSINESS EDUCATION 33 Mark Godstime BUSINESS EDUCATION 34 Mbadinuju Somtochukwu Vivian BUSINESS EDUCATION 35 Mmaduagwu Cynthia Chekwube BUSINESS EDUCATION 36 Okah Hilda Guinea BUSINESS EDUCATION 37 Okeke Vitalis Chisom BUSINESS EDUCATION 38 Okpor Happiness Uduaga BUSINESS EDUCATION 39 Okpor Hope Oke BUSINESS EDUCATION 40 Onokuma Clement BUSINESS EDUCATION 41 Onugha Chidimma Favour BUSINESS EDUCATION 42 Onyebusi Chidinma C BUSINESS EDUCATION 43 Oronigbe Elo Tina BUSINESS EDUCATION 44 Oru-Bo Gold BUSINESS EDUCATION 45 Orutua Dipamo BUSINESS EDUCATION 46 Otubue Purity BUSINESS EDUCATION 47 Oyibo Joy BUSINESS EDUCATION 48 Oyinkepreye Bridget BUSINESS EDUCATION 49 Peter Tamarabrakemi Welekpe BUSINESS EDUCATION 50 Philip Samuel BUSINESS EDUCATION 51 Prikaki Zenifi Augustine BUSINESS EDUCATION 52 Siloko Timiebi Fyneman BUSINESS EDUCATION 53 Sunday Ozumezhi BUSINESS EDUCATION 54 Tangi Godspower Abraka BUSINESS EDUCATION 55 Tefue Blessing Sada BUSINESS EDUCATION 56 Udo Mercy Linus BUSINESS EDUCATION 57 Ugbobor Michael BUSINESS EDUCATION 58 Ugo Kurotimi Aaron BUSINESS EDUCATION 59 Uwhubetine Victor Oghenekevwe BUSINESS EDUCATION 60 Wokeh Victoria Chimenem BUSINESS EDUCATION 61 Young Oyeintonbra BUSINESS EDUCATION 62 Abiola Bukola Peniel CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 63 Abraham Idongesit Ime CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 64 Achilonu Nelson Ebuka CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 65 Adamu Dora CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 66 Adurhi Jehoshaphat Fejiro CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 67 Afanideh Samuel Patrick CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 68 Agbasi Onyinyechi Clara CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 69 Aghanenu Princess CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 70 Akuma Chinaza Juliet CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 71 Aluya Favour CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 72 Amokwe Chioma Joy CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 73 Anaedu Jennifer Ujunwa CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 74 Anamelechi Judith Ugochi CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 75 Andrew Emonena Cleta CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 76 Anih Amarachi Roseline CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 77 Anthony Tom Treasure CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 78 Asu Joy Ediseimi CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 79 Aturu Gabriel CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 80 Bartholomew Prince Chukwuwinke CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 81 Bassey Blessing Ekpedeme CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 82 Collins Cynthia Chizoba CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 83 Cosmas Calistus Chigozie CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 84 Ege Favour Oghenewezi CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 85 Ejiogu Franklin Chibuzor CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 86 Ekiseh Walter Douye CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 87 Esewata Joy Ese CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 88 Ezeche Valentine Echezona CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 89 Folarin Olagoke Peter CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 90 Gambia Evans Tarewerebakumor CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 91 Gambia Laura Edouweri CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 92 Gbode Baridomale CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 93 George Oghenerukevwe Prince CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 94 Godwin Ogaga Ernest CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 95 Idoko Ifenna Kingsley CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 96 Igwe Ngozi CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 97 Ihenacho Esther Tochukwu CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 98 Ihesiaba Chisom Rachael CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 99 Ijeoma Naomi Chineye CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 100 Ikedidi Emuobome Hannah CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 101 Iteyere Mary Oghenetega CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 102 Jack Noble Ebere CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 103 John Chinadi Precious CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 104 John Chukwuebuka Miracle CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 105 Jonathan Juliet James CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 106 Jumbo Paul CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 107 Lawrence Taripreye Mary CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 108 Linus Princewill Chinemerem CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 109 Madufor Favour Chiamaka CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 110 Mbamalu Ifeanyichukwu Livinus CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 111 Mughele Faith Success CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 112 Nkama Ijeoma Delight CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 113 Noble Kasiya Deborah CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 114 Nwachukwu Elizabeth CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 115 Nwokodi Kingsley Ahamefule CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 116 Obidimma Ozioma Victoria CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 117 Odiri Favour Oghenereke CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 118 Ogbah Godsfavour Ogheneovo CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 119 Ogbonna Norah Nkeiru CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 120 Oghenekowho Nyerhovwo CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 121 Okafor Charity Kalu CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 122 Okebanama Ihechi Stella CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 123 Okonkwo Akachukwu A CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 124 Okorafor Chika Precious CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 125 Okorie Oyinyechi Gift CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 126 Olagoke Isaac Olajide CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 127 Ologide Oghenekaro CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 128 Omalu Sylvanus Chidiebere CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 129 Omoarebun Precious Julius CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 130 Otegbalor Choice Orezimena CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 131 Oti Pascal Chibuike CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 132 Ovedje Hope Uruemuesiri CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 133 Oyovwi Natasha Okiemute CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 134 Perelayefa George Woniowei CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 135 Suleiman Abbas Isimbabi CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 136 Tari God’Sproperty Pereowei CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 137 Toweh Miracle CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 138 Udegbunam Peace Chinaza CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 139 Umeadi Kosisochukwu Hillary CHEMISTRY EDUCATION 140 Abekey Esther Anetorufa HISTORY EDUCATION 141 Abraham Pere HISTORY EDUCATION 142 Adichie Confidence HISTORY EDUCATION 143 Agberekeme Benita HISTORY EDUCATION 144 Agboro Hannah Kevwe HISTORY EDUCATION 145 Agidi Blessing Henry HISTORY EDUCATION 146 Agoinzoh Funbike Roy HISTORY EDUCATION 147 Akateme Abraham Oghenetega HISTORY EDUCATION 148 Alagoa Queenette Sarah HISTORY EDUCATION 149 Aleru Victor Igwendam HISTORY EDUCATION 150 Amanambu Anointed Onumsinachi HISTORY EDUCATION 151 Anene Chioma Maryann HISTORY EDUCATION 152 Anthony Ada Kingsley HISTORY EDUCATION 153 Aremraye Jonathan HISTORY EDUCATION 154 Areprekumo Tamaraubrakemi Ebiks HISTORY EDUCATION 155 Arikekpar Lucky HISTORY EDUCATION 156 Awusu Ondotimi HISTORY EDUCATION 157 Barnabas Progress HISTORY EDUCATION 158 Biayeibo Mieyefa Frank HISTORY EDUCATION 159 Biriyai Kuro HISTORY EDUCATION 160 Bismarck John Ebimobowei HISTORY EDUCATION 161 Bokolo Matilda Esingha HISTORY EDUCATION 162 Bright Rawlings John HISTORY EDUCATION 163 Chizoba Stanley Ezeoha HISTORY EDUCATION 164 Debekeme Governor HISTORY EDUCATION 165 Dick-Dan Aziba-Liebharl Janet HISTORY EDUCATION 166 Dio Igbogi-Ikiyiofegha Tonyemiete HISTORY EDUCATION 167 Douglas Goodluck HISTORY EDUCATION 168 Edougha Deborah B Tamariebi HISTORY EDUCATION 169 Egba Divinefavour Azibagiri HISTORY EDUCATION 170 Eguakun Precious Egbe HISTORY EDUCATION 171 Ekewariowei Godbless Benedict HISTORY EDUCATION 172 Ekwebelem Christopher Goodnews HISTORY EDUCATION 173 Ekwu Treasure Evans HISTORY EDUCATION 174 Emetezi Victory Ifechukwu HISTORY EDUCATION 175 Emmanuel Babajide Segun HISTORY EDUCATION 176 Epeke Kesebo Elton HISTORY EDUCATION 177 Etulan Faith HISTORY EDUCATION 178 Ezekiel Lucinda HISTORY EDUCATION 179 Giadom Nwin-Elgior Nelson HISTORY EDUCATION 180 Igbeta Furo Ebi HISTORY EDUCATION 181 Igoni Goodluck Talbort HISTORY EDUCATION 182 Ihimjekwe Sarah Oluchukwu HISTORY EDUCATION 183 Ikeanumba Patience Amaka HISTORY EDUCATION 184 Ikebukwu Chukwudumebi Promise HISTORY EDUCATION 185 Izibeya Rebecca HISTORY EDUCATION 186 Kimbeghi Faith HISTORY EDUCATION 187 Koko Israel Ayibakuro HISTORY EDUCATION 188 Kwasi Jonah Ebilade HISTORY EDUCATION 189 Longs Timiyeri Dinni HISTORY EDUCATION 190 Lucky Oyinemi HISTORY EDUCATION 191 Mark Wilberforce Aaron HISTORY EDUCATION 192 Moses Godgift HISTORY EDUCATION 193 Nkonko Ibeabuchi Franklin HISTORY EDUCATION 194 Nwabude Chinaza Stephanie HISTORY EDUCATION 195 Obete Gift Bestman HISTORY EDUCATION 196 Obiefule Esther Chigaemezu HISTORY EDUCATION 197 Odo Martha HISTORY EDUCATION 198 Ogoh Diepreye Felix HISTORY EDUCATION 199 Ohori Ogheneviyeze Constance HISTORY EDUCATION 200 Oko Emmanuel Sambo HISTORY EDUCATION 201 Omang Victory Dache HISTORY EDUCATION 202 Onugbolu Markanthony Chimkamma HISTORY EDUCATION 203 Oriogbe Clinton Morrison HISTORY EDUCATION 204 Osomuvie Eyerine Alex HISTORY EDUCATION 205 Ovieba Emuesiri Blessing HISTORY EDUCATION 206 Owei Ekponanamini HISTORY EDUCATION 207 Ozugbo Allaye Seinitonkumo HISTORY EDUCATION 208 Pimor Blessing HISTORY EDUCATION 209 Richard Isaac Oyindenyifa HISTORY EDUCATION 210 Robert Kingsley Oweikodomini HISTORY EDUCATION 211 Robert Rowland HISTORY EDUCATION 212 Seigha Ayibanengiyefa HISTORY EDUCATION 213 Solomon Esther Werepere HISTORY EDUCATION 214 Stephen Opaminola HISTORY EDUCATION 215 Sunday Onisisaziba Elizabeth HISTORY EDUCATION 216 Sunday Yibakubuye Yibaetari HISTORY EDUCATION 217 Tom Michael Junior HISTORY EDUCATION 218 Tom Oyinpriye Adaeze HISTORY EDUCATION 219 Tulagha Weriwoyengipre Godstime HISTORY EDUCATION 220 Ufoeze Chiagozie Onyinyechukwu HISTORY EDUCATION 221 Ugoh Emmanuel Jackson HISTORY EDUCATION 222 Uranta Aaron Matthew HISTORY EDUCATION 223 Williams Aperetari Ayibakie HISTORY EDUCATION 224 Wilson Ubokobong Peace HISTORY EDUCATION 225 Adiole Osinachi Doozy MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 226 Akomuelen Favour Ose MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 227 Anyanwu Chimuanya Nehemiah MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 228 Azibaolegesam Mclean Nimibofa MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 229 Azibatonami Frank Okpara MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 230 Chukwuemeka Chinemerem MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 231 Clifford Emmanuel Onyedikachukwu MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 232 Daniel Immanuel Oluwaniyi MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 233 Davies Ewolmeya MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 234 Dunoboh Nicholas Oyinkepreye MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 235 Ekegha Daniel I MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 236 Eze Edwin Tochi MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 237 Felix Damian Alamie-Diakumo MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 238 Godwin Emmanuel Jachinma MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 239 Igwe Chukwuemeka Frankline MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 240 Jacob Julius Chukwuebuka MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 241 Josiah David Friday MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 242 Mbam Sunday Ogodo MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 243 Micah Amipiedo A MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 244 Nwabueze Chisom Princewill MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 245 Nwankwo Faustina Chioma MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 246 Oghale Theophilus Oghenebrozie MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 247 Okocha Friday Samuel MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 248 Omonghegbe Humphrey MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 249 Peter Samuel Chinaza MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 250 Tarebi Okrude Marvelous MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 251 Uche Daniel Chukwuka MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 252 Udebuo Tochukwu Benneth MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 253 Uwadia Chisom Laura MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 254 Wisdom Ebiere MATHEMATICS EDUCATION 255 Abali Azibanizoloman PHYSICS EDUCATION 256 Agama David Oyeindeinyefa PHYSICS EDUCATION 257 Agbone Genesis Erumusene PHYSICS EDUCATION 258 Akporowho Festus PHYSICS EDUCATION 259 Aliu Oshioriamhe Abdulhad PHYSICS EDUCATION 260 Amaeze Charles Chiagozielem PHYSICS EDUCATION 261 Blackie Prosper Oguru PHYSICS EDUCATION 262 Brambaifa Joy Oyinebimoboere PHYSICS EDUCATION 263 Brown Onward Jacobs PHYSICS EDUCATION 264 Chibuike Reginald Chizuruoke PHYSICS EDUCATION 265 Chim Frank Chimele PHYSICS EDUCATION 266 Dabibi Unity Esther PHYSICS EDUCATION 267 David Godspower Chukwuemeka PHYSICS EDUCATION 268 Dudu Clement Oritsegbubemi PHYSICS EDUCATION 269 Egbukichi Christogonus Chiedozie PHYSICS EDUCATION 270 Ekioboumor Sunday Denyefa PHYSICS EDUCATION 271 Enoch Elizabeth PHYSICS EDUCATION 272 Enu Godswill Ochonorgor PHYSICS EDUCATION 273 Erewari Precious PHYSICS EDUCATION 274 Erise Awoibi PHYSICS EDUCATION 275 Ezetu Deinmotei Francis PHYSICS EDUCATION 276 Forcados Ernest Jonathan PHYSICS EDUCATION 277 Godpower Ayebakuro Lyon PHYSICS EDUCATION 278 Gospel Godsend PHYSICS EDUCATION 279 Ibe Godwin Nnamezie PHYSICS EDUCATION 280 Ibeneche Chidera Churchill PHYSICS EDUCATION 281 Ifekwune Blessing Angela PHYSICS EDUCATION 282 Ishiaya Kingdom PHYSICS EDUCATION 283 Izebe Benson Godde PHYSICS EDUCATION 284 Jonah Azibapu Peter PHYSICS EDUCATION 285 Nwafili Daniel Chukwuemeka PHYSICS EDUCATION 286 Ogidi Edauemi Richard PHYSICS EDUCATION 287 Okorie Emmanuel Uchechukwu PHYSICS EDUCATION 288 Ola Ruth Chinoye PHYSICS EDUCATION 289 Omietimi Selekumo Melvin PHYSICS EDUCATION 290 Omirenyi Peter Onawo PHYSICS EDUCATION 291 Opuende Ajeminayanate PHYSICS EDUCATION 292 Ordu Isaac W PHYSICS EDUCATION 293 Oriba Boaz Martin PHYSICS EDUCATION 294 Paibi Lucky Doutimiareye PHYSICS EDUCATION 295 Peculiar Peculiar Ebubechukuwu PHYSICS EDUCATION 296 Theophilus Nengimote PHYSICS EDUCATION 297 Tomikeimieye Ibiyekaribo Brown PHYSICS EDUCATION 298 Uche Emmanuel Chukwuneyenwa PHYSICS EDUCATION 299 Ufe Ayakeme Francis PHYSICS EDUCATION 300 Ugochukwu Prosper Lotanna PHYSICS EDUCATION 301 Ukwuoma Wisdom Chigaemezu PHYSICS EDUCATION 302 Umukoro Emmanuel Oghenekaro PHYSICS EDUCATION 303 Victory Oghenetega Atigbi PHYSICS EDUCATION 304 Walter Shelter PHYSICS EDUCATION 305 Worlu Honesty C PHYSICS EDUCATION 306 Zephaniah Azmaveth Chibueze PHYSICS EDUCATION FACULTY OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES S/N NAME DEPARTMENT 1 Abere Robinson Tamunoibuomi ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 2 Adie Immanuel Imeiba ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 3 Agha Preye ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 4 Agwu Onwuka ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 5 Akpotu Binamie-Ebi Benjamin ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 6 Alfred Timiboloukedi Francis ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 7 Ali Chigushime Othniel ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 8 Amaugo Favour Arinze ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 9 Anayo Onyinyechi Peace ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 10 Andrew Derateide Stephanie ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 11 Anowa Tochukwu Samuel ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 12 Anthony Mary ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 13 Aye-Daw Victoria ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 14 Benson Grace Ayebaidigieneni ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 15 Bisong-Odok Samuel Osowokye ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 16 Charles Tonye Favour ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 17 Chukwuebuka Emmanuel Udeh ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 18 Chukwuemeka Onyinyechi Joy ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 19 Chukwuemeke Merit Fenichukwu ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 20 Daniel Kelly ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 21 Dudafa Nimi Johnny ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 22 Dunu Deborah Tamaraumien-Ebi ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 23 Edmond Chibueze Precious ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 24 Egberi Junior Omoefe ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 25 Endwell Victory Ovieyimini ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 26 Epem Honestina ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 27 Epuke Samson ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 28 Eze Cornelius Nnamdi ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 29 Ezea Eliazer Orgechukwu ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 30 Ezekiel Godson ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 31 Felix Tosan ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 32 Felix Winning Imgbi ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 33 Fetonbofa Ebimoboere Elizabeth ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 34 Gideon Chimdiebube Sampson ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 35 Idiata Mahmud Tunde ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 36 Ihuoma Queenmary Ogadimma ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 37 Ikutegbe Kessiena ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 38 Iweka Ralueke Richard ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 39 Iwunze Ogochukwu Chijoke ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 40 Jonathan Omungu Jenniffr ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 41 Kamalu Destiny Chinenye ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 42 Kentebe Favour Ebiere ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 43 Lazarus Kenneth Paul ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 44 Leileituagha Godfrey Tamaratari ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 45 Linus Veronica ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 46 Matthew-Lbanichuka Fiafianime Psalms ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 47 Mcmorland Famvie Fredrick ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 48 Michael Joseph Asuquo ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 49 Moses Ibebieru Stella ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 50 Nathan Ibhami ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 51 Nicholas Henry Chidiebube ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 52 Nnatuanya Obiageli Chikaodili ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 53 Nwachukwu Honour Ireokuchukwu ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 54 Nwauzoma Chinemerem Constance ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 55 Nzeribe Stephanie Ihuoma ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 56 Nzute Johnmary Sopulu ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 57 Obasi Ihechi Juliet ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 58 Odidi Godwin Enya ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 59 Odu Mary Okime ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 60 Ogbonnaya Chinazaekpere Emmanuel ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 61 Ogeh Elizabeth ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 62 Oghene Udi Desire ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 63 Ojinumee Esther Uloma ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 64 Ojo Favour Ebubechukwu ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 65 Ojogho Oghenekobaro Clifford ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 66 Ojoko Elizabeth ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 67 Okekearu Francis Chibuike ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 68 Oke-Onyetem Raphael ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 69 Okeyigwe Miracle Ijeoma ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 70 Okirie Henry Ifeanyi ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 71 Okori Ebimotimi Solomon ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 72 Okweshine Sandra Ifeoma ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 73 Omiebi Godspower ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 74 Onukwugha Blessing Chinaemerem ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 75 Onyema. Chigozie. Azibagiri ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 76 Orji Chidimma Philomina ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 77 Orusengha Daniel Ayibatonbra ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 78 Owah Emmanuel ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 79 Owunna Chidera Jepthar ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 80 Pascal Chigozi Ejiofor ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 81 Peter Tobi Emmanuel ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 82 Robbinson Ngomuna Augustina ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 83 Seiyefa Praise Ebikonboere ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 84 Shehu Abba ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 85 Smart Emmanuel Goodluck ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 86 Sulaiman Abdulazeez Adedeji ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 87 Tamunotubo Richmond Opubo ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 88 Tosan Gift Toju ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 89 Ubah Victor ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 90 Ucheana Omerebere Favour ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 91 Ude Samuel Ekenedirichukwu ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 92 Udeaja Adaobi Geraldine ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 93 Udoma Ephraim Aniebiet ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 94 Udomen Stella Chibuogo ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 95 Ugbor Chibuike John ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 96 Ugochukwu Blessing Uzoma ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 97 Ukpong Esther Stephen ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 98 Ukrakpo Oghenevwarho Fidelis ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 99 Urhefe Ogheneoruese Generous ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 100 Uzoh Emmanuel ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 101 Wariboko David Okpara ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 102 Wasini Ayebatunimibofa Queen ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 103 Abeki Juliet ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 104 Abiodun Abimbola Oluwatomisin ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 105 Adefuwa Adedoyin Solomon ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 106 Adu Success Azibanabeteinami ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 107 Aduayi Titilope Blessing ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 108 Aduna Solomon Chinatu ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 109 Agbebakun Toluwalope Mary ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 110 Agbura Samuel Bamekpari ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 111 Agonodi Raymond Binaebi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 112 Aikharaekpen Ofure Deborah ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 113 Ajiboro Bunmi Esther ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 114 Akpeki Ayibatari ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 115 Akpotu Diepreye Faith ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 116 Amachree God’Sglory ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 117 Amaogbari Kalada Kelvin ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 118 Ambakederimor Faith Oyins ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 119 Amobi Ginika Chinaza ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 120 Anikwushe Ifenweoge Zeal ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 121 Anyaorgu Gabriel Osinachi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 122 Appolous Progress Oghenekewe ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 123 Augustine Gloria Omonigo ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 124 Ayoka Perfect Seriakepeace ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 125 Azuka Kelechi Peace ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 126 Badmus Shuaib Oluwatobi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 127 Batowei Yinanaebi Vanessa ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 128 Ben Deinmoere Naomi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 129 Benjamin Hope Balaziba ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 130 Bethel Ken Iluma ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 131 Blankson Miracle Izibeya ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 132 Bodam Miracle Ada ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 133 Bonake Joy Diepreye ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 134 Chuku Destiny Adanne ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 135 Chukwu Favour Oluebube ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 136 Chukwuji Chidinma Esther ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 137 Chukwuma Precious Chizoba ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 138 Cyril Chinyere ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 139 Daniel Blessing Timiebi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 140 Daubri Naomi Funere ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 141 Denven Queen Young ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 142 Derri Beauty Nengi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 143 Diafa Dabiri Deborah ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 144 Dike Pet Beovie ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 145 Dudoh Peremoboere Joy ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 146 Ebipado Sophia Odoma ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 147 Ebitarikibina Nmachukwu Amangele ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 148 Ebribre Blessing Bioko ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 149 Ebutu Ebokumaro Elliot ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 150 Edafe Orevaoghene ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 151 Egba Amanda Negimemi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 152 Egbebo Tamaraudebaemi Rofina ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 153 Ekine Dumeyam Janet ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 154 Ekisah Godgift Enemiebi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 155 Elum Mabel Ogochuukwu ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 156 Ewuzie Martha Ukamaka ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 157 Ezema Desmond Uchenna ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 158 Ezema Gloria Chinwendu ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 159 Familokun Ayodele Michael ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 160 Favour Kelechi Ogaraku ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 161 Fiberesima Diepriye ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 162 Fullpower Tamarakare Anthonia ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 163 Geoffrey Ruth ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 164 Gift Ubi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 165 Gillis-Harry Sandra ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 166 Godspower Frank Michael ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 167 God’Spower Nathaniel Okeke ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 168 Grant Charity D ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 169 Greene Edi Covenant ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 170 Ibekwe Favour Nmesoma ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 171 Idris Lami Jamilah ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 172 Igbagara Kememopeyigha Beth ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 173 Igoniwari Faithful Freedom ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 174 Igwe Obianuju Loveth ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 175 Inebiri Maureen ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 176 Isaac Samuel Obega ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 177 Isotu Festus Stephen ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 178 Jacob Nengi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 179 James Joy Antima ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 180 Jesse Faith ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 181 Jonah Emila ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 182 Junior Moses ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 183 Kalaoguru Ayebakuro Tari ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 184 Kings Divine-Goodness C ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 185 Kpakpanda Richard Tamarakuro ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 186 Kwokwo Favour Ipounaga ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 187 Laikpo Rita Israel ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 188 Leigha Sylvia Ebinipre ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 189 Lloyd Jewels Ngowari ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 190 Nduka Chiemerie Emmanuela ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 191 Njoku Chiamaka Udochi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 192 Nwabekee Miracle Chinyere ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 193 Nwachukwu Gift Chimdi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 194 Nwachukwu Onyedikachi Emmanuel ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 195 Nwachukwu Samuel Odinakachukwu ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 196 Nwaneri Precious Chioma ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 197 Nwaoha Faith Amarachi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 198 Nwokike Shalom Enyioma ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 199 Nworji Freda Ujunwa ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 200 Obaka Gesiere ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 201 Obasi Okoro Abel ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 202 Obeten Nfawa Oden ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 203 Obiakor Chinedu Edelquinn ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 204 Obonodi Marvellous ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 205 Offor Henry Ifeanyi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 206 Ofila Victoria Marvellous ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 207 Ofiyou Christy Shell ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 208 Okeke Precious Ifeoma ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 209 Okomi Ebitari India ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 210 Okonkwo Gabriel Ikechukwu ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 211 Okorie Favour Chibugo ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 212 Okoro Rachel ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 213 Olajide Happiness Bidemi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 214 Olomu Harcourt Ebimobowei ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 215 Omale Faith Ochanya ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 216 Omieworio Berenengia Michelle ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 217 Omole Funke Mabel ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 218 Onoja Peter John ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 219 Onyeji Ifeyinwa Favour ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 220 Opuofoni Simon Ebiere ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 221 Opusunju Sophia Donatus ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 222 Osaisai Patience Eniebilate ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 223 Osimi Caroline Temisan ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 224 Otami Azibator Clifford ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 225 Otobo Benedicta Dandy ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 226 Oyakhire Evwalen Oyakhire ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 227 Oyawiri Akpevweoghene Emmanuella ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 228 Ozi Minabai Merit ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 229 Palimote Ebinyo ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 230 Patrick Christian Enang ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 231 Paul Ogbonna ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 232 Pius Ruth Udoh ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 233 Preye Nengimote Nancy ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 234 Prince Princess ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 235 Regent Oyintombra Mirabel ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 236 Ruth Nicodemus Jeremiah ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 237 Sagbe Briggs Reginald ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 238 Senibo Harry Favour ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 239 Shola Omoba Etchie ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 240 Suebi Precious Pere-Ere ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 241 Sunday Chidera Perpertua ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 242 Torukuru Francesca ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 243 Udebuo Chioma Faith ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 244 Umukoro Precious Oghenekaro ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 245 Usoh Victoria Okon ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 246 Ututah Ofoghale Jane ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 247 Uwa Chinasa Ubani ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 248 Victor Iniyoemi Alfred ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 249 Wapzhi Nanya Danladi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 250 West Wanaemi Japheth ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 251 Worikuma Fiyeseimo Lovina ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 252 Wotogbe Blessing Ichechi ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 253 Yeilagha Winipreye Blessing ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 254 Yousuo Nengimote Winifred ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 255 Zikiye Esther Wonyengidengiyefa ENGLISH AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES 256 Abayomi Ruth Funke HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 257 Abeke Ipienami Mark HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 258 Adama Perebi Oyinkuro HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 259 Adeboh Prisca HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 260 Akpudje Obukadeta HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 261 Alamene Wonyipreyeselegha HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 262 Amadi Chisom Valentine HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 263 Amarachi Favour Odinaka HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 264 Amaukwu Amarachi Vivian HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 265 Angolo Benedicta Ayebaimi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 266 Aniefuna Eloka Endwell HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 267 Anyadike Sopuruchukwu Valentine HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 268 Anyameluhor Ogochukwu Augustina HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 269 Anyanwu Ifeanyichukwu Wisdom HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 270 Arinze Victor Okechukwu HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 271 Aruwa Omena Cindy HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 272 Atie Tamaraemi Joy HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 273 Atoe. Favour HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 274 Babatunde Hope Oluwakemi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 275 Bede Ignatius Paulinus HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 276 Chidera Martin HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 277 Chighazie Precious Ezinne HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 278 Chijioke Miracle Adaobi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 279 Chikezie Akuchi Esther HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 280 Chukwuemeka Chidindu Precious HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 281 Clever Goodluck Ebigoni HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 282 Daffe Ruby Boma HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 283 Dappa Tamunogbarachua G HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 284 Diri James Solomon HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 285 Donjor Doubra Kingsley HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 286 Dudoh Collins Tarela HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 287 Egbo Isaac Izibegilimini HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 288 Eichie Kenneth HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 289 Ekee Happiness Fema HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 290 Elvis Deborah Oyinpreye HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 291 Enwelimose Osemedua Christopher HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 292 Erica Mbirim Nnebuogor HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 293 Ezeatu Chiemelie Vitalis HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 294 Friday Faith HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 295 Friday Nkechinyere Gloria HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 296 Harry Mercy Jack HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 297 Ibaralanyo Findite George HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 298 Ibeakuzie Ebuka Favour HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 299 Ifidi Ifidi Woyengiemi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 300 Ikueze Chimdiuto Godslight HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 301 Iwejuo Fortune Chidozie HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 302 Iyabi, Elizabeth Shekwoduza HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 303 James Aderemi Eniola HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 304 John Praise Peter HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 305 Kayode Omowumi Tamunomiebi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 306 Kin Tare HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 307 King Queen Oluwafewa HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 308 Koroye Kelvin Enebimowei HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 309 Linus Adiariaguo Akaneyene HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 310 Maduneme Lilian Onuabuchi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 311 Maxwell Grace Ebi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 312 Minabemaziba Charles-Owaba Celyn HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 313 Nelson Godstime Ifieta-Aziba HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 314 Nelson Paebi Moses HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 315 Nikade Victor Oyinbunugha HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 316 Njoku Nneoma Grace HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 317 Nnaji Mary Uzoamaka HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 318 Numoupeide Tamaraupre-Ebi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 319 Nzekwe Chukwuebuka Johnpaul HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 320 Nzelu Innocent Chukwudi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 321 Obiene Izulu Franklin HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 322 Ojiebun Blessing Amiede HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 323 Okaka Felix HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 324 Okeke Chidiebere Winifred HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 325 Olaniyi Akintayo Blessing HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 326 Onigbinde Bidemi Favour HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 327 Onobrakpeya Joseph HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 328 Onyebuchi Chimezirim Faith HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 329 Onyekachi Esther Chidera HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 330 Opuruwa Cosmas Okechukwu HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 331 Orianzi Maurin HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 332 Orji Favour Chioma HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 333 Osain Favour HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 334 Oweifie Rossana HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 335 Owoko Sophia HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 336 Oyinemi Gbeworo HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 337 Papanda Purity Tamaramiebi HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 338 Perezei Daniel Samson HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 339 Resend Ede Desmond HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 340 Sam Inaingo Emmanuel HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 341 Steven Timipre Dino HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 342 Sunday Bariza Vipe HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 343 Timisowei Woningipreye Favour HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 344 Tonkiri Susan Ebiere HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 345 Tonmaye Inebimo HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 346 Udah Marycynthia Chisom HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 347 Udua Roland Okon HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 348 Victor Samuel HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 349 Adugba Loveday Wolokomo POLITICAL SCIENCE 350 Agboli Francisca Chukwufumnaya POLITICAL SCIENCE 351 Ajock Prisca Movin POLITICAL SCIENCE 352 Akpeli Oyintari Victory POLITICAL SCIENCE 353 Aligha Josiah Peibulunana POLITICAL SCIENCE 354 Ananaba Samuel Briggs POLITICAL SCIENCE 355 Ani Tochukwu Peter POLITICAL SCIENCE 356 Anyanwu Vitalis Chibueze POLITICAL SCIENCE 357 Arikpo Stephanie Arit POLITICAL SCIENCE 358 Arogo Miracle Akadu POLITICAL SCIENCE 359 Ayaga Michael Ifeoluwa POLITICAL SCIENCE 360 Azibator Asuo Augutine POLITICAL SCIENCE 361 Azubuike Ruth Oluchi POLITICAL SCIENCE 362 Babalola Yusuf Joseph POLITICAL SCIENCE 363 Balogun Jesulayomi Priscilla POLITICAL SCIENCE 364 Beke Tamarauebi Samuel POLITICAL SCIENCE 365 Blaki Perpetual POLITICAL SCIENCE 366 Brown Rosemary Dpc POLITICAL SCIENCE 367 Chibuzor Kingsley Chukwuemeka POLITICAL SCIENCE 368 Chukwuka Somto Alex POLITICAL SCIENCE 369 Dagana Merit POLITICAL SCIENCE 370 Dickson Victor Namitanie POLITICAL SCIENCE 371 Ebiagbe Kelvin POLITICAL SCIENCE 372 Edward Prince Junior POLITICAL SCIENCE 373 Egwu Ugochukwu Jeffery POLITICAL SCIENCE 374 Ekubo Kesibo Amos POLITICAL SCIENCE 375 Ekwuribe Faith Nwakaego POLITICAL SCIENCE 376 Emmanuel Ekanem POLITICAL SCIENCE 377 Emuze Scholarstica POLITICAL SCIENCE 378 Eneji Jumai POLITICAL SCIENCE 379 Ezeagu Daniel Praise POLITICAL SCIENCE 380 Ezeh Tochukwu Stephen POLITICAL SCIENCE 381 Favour Chijioke Nwobi POLITICAL SCIENCE 382 Festus Godbless POLITICAL SCIENCE 383 Ganiyu Kazeem Oluwaseyi POLITICAL SCIENCE 384 Godfrey Diebira Goodlive POLITICAL SCIENCE 385 Godswill Wisdom Goodluck POLITICAL SCIENCE 386 Godwin Paul Nelson POLITICAL SCIENCE 387 Gwegwe Adutomvie POLITICAL SCIENCE 388 Ibariweni Seiyefa Idubamo POLITICAL SCIENCE 389 Iduozee Jude Osarumwense POLITICAL SCIENCE 390 Ifeanyi Collins Aleke POLITICAL SCIENCE 391 Iheanachor Kingsley POLITICAL SCIENCE 392 Inyene Esther Etim POLITICAL SCIENCE 393 Izochi Fredrick POLITICAL SCIENCE 394 James Awaji-Inomi-Idah Fred POLITICAL SCIENCE 395 Jerome Azibalua Igbuasi POLITICAL SCIENCE 396 Johnny Raphael Patrick POLITICAL SCIENCE 397 Joseph Blessing Kotor POLITICAL SCIENCE 398 Joseph Josephine POLITICAL SCIENCE 399 Konyefa Cletus Mienebi POLITICAL SCIENCE 400 Koteteh Koteteh Junior POLITICAL SCIENCE 401 Mathias John Adah POLITICAL SCIENCE 402 Michael Bogbo POLITICAL SCIENCE 403 Mitabai Magaret POLITICAL SCIENCE 404 Momoh Blessing POLITICAL SCIENCE 405 Nathaniel Agolobi POLITICAL SCIENCE 406 Nnadi Link Ugochukwu POLITICAL SCIENCE 407 Nnaji Uchechukwu Prisca POLITICAL SCIENCE 408 Nwankwo Stanley Uchenna POLITICAL SCIENCE 409 Ochonogor Ruth Adaeze POLITICAL SCIENCE 410 Odinga Samuel POLITICAL SCIENCE 411 Odoh Peter Chibueze POLITICAL SCIENCE 412 Ofurum Emmanuel Chukwuebuka POLITICAL SCIENCE 413 Ogboka Owotorufa Benjamin POLITICAL SCIENCE 414 Ogedengde Oluwakemi Ruth POLITICAL SCIENCE 415 Ogeleka Janet Temidayo POLITICAL SCIENCE 416 Oghenevwena Joyce POLITICAL SCIENCE 417 Oghogho Kelly Osahon POLITICAL SCIENCE 418 Oguarah Ayibanadayagha POLITICAL SCIENCE 419 Ohume Elizabeth Anweli POLITICAL SCIENCE 420 Ojo Segun Olowo POLITICAL SCIENCE 421 Okeke Chioma Pepertual POLITICAL SCIENCE 422 Okeke Valentine Chidiebere POLITICAL SCIENCE 423 Okomi Ebiteme India POLITICAL SCIENCE 424 Okon Peace Emem POLITICAL SCIENCE 425 Okorie Okechukwu Humphrey POLITICAL SCIENCE 426 Okoye Onyekachukwu Glory POLITICAL SCIENCE 427 Okurude Ebiye Ernest POLITICAL SCIENCE 428 Olomu Victor POLITICAL SCIENCE 429 Omeje Thankgod Chiemerie POLITICAL SCIENCE 430 Omohwo Akpovona POLITICAL SCIENCE 431 Onwughalu Promise Ikechukwu POLITICAL SCIENCE 432 Onyekwere Miracle Chimuanya POLITICAL SCIENCE 433 Onyemachi Precious Chidinma POLITICAL SCIENCE 434 Onyia Peter Chinonso POLITICAL SCIENCE 435 Ordu Nkiruka Victoria POLITICAL SCIENCE 436 Oruerior Faith Ajiri POLITICAL SCIENCE 437 Orukari Sylvanus Esuemevele POLITICAL SCIENCE 438 Otobo Clementina Clement POLITICAL SCIENCE 439 Patrick Lucky Ogheneweta POLITICAL SCIENCE 440 Renner Izibegbala Moses POLITICAL SCIENCE 441 Rotimi Precious Bamidele POLITICAL SCIENCE 442 Sammy Jimmy POLITICAL SCIENCE 443 Samuel Michael POLITICAL SCIENCE 444 Simeon Prince Ebube POLITICAL SCIENCE 445 Simpson Queen Michael POLITICAL SCIENCE 446 Spencer Emperor Raphael POLITICAL SCIENCE 447 Tee Freeborn Prince POLITICAL SCIENCE 448 Terimoh Oyinmiebi Moses POLITICAL SCIENCE 449 Timitimi Matilda Woyengimomoemi POLITICAL SCIENCE 450 Udodiri Uzoamaka Goodness POLITICAL SCIENCE 451 Udoh Joshua Augustine POLITICAL SCIENCE 452 Ugbene Emmanuel Chidubem POLITICAL SCIENCE 453 Usiobaifo Mary POLITICAL SCIENCE 454 Yereyere Joshua Ebinimi POLITICAL SCIENCE 455 Abbey Emmanuel Fila SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 456 Abraham Mary Tamaraebimo SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 457 Adegbemile Jadesola Morenikeji SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 458 Adenaya Bunmi Omowunmi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 459 Adeola Iyanu Deborah SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 460 Agbaroji Nora Amarachi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 461 Agu Maryjane Onyinyechi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 462 Ajayi Abraham Obogbai SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 463 Akata Jane SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 464 Akpoyibo Felix Godspower SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 465 Alaneme Kenneth Chukwuma SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 466 Amadi Bolin SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 467 Amita Princess Abimbola SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 468 Aniedi Kingsley Ubong SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 469 Atai Ekemini Monday SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 470 Ateboh Kennedy Ebisidor SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 471 Awo Rebecca Enato SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 472 Ayayo Onoriode Augusta SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 473 Ayuba Ayoke Rita SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 474 Azanah Ernest Ishmael SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 475 Azazi Dorathy Enebimo SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 476 Bamiduro Jamaldeen Ayotunde SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 477 Beregwe Godwin Loveday SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 478 Biboh Okpotunumubofa Rachel SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 479 Chrystea Oweifie SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 480 Chukwu Ogbonda SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 481 Daud Rasheedat Ajoke SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 482 Daunemughan Simeon Jeremiah SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 483 Ebenezer Favour Chiamaka SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 484 Edum Anthony Osar SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 485 Edum Favour Samson SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 486 Eferebo Glory SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 487 Egbo Obebatein Purity SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 488 Ejunka Angela Achu SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 489 Elijah Precious Prince SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 490 Elom Victor Nzubechi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 491 Emarawho Raborme Prince SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 492 Emeka-Okoro Charles Ozichukwu SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 493 Emmanuel Ejiroghene Vera SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 494 Enema Sunday Eneojo SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 495 Enweonye Loveth Chinecherem SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 496 Erhahon Joy Oghogho SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 497 Eric-Okolai Ayebatonwaprenyo Michelle SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 498 Ewere Eloghosa Martha SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 499 Ezekiel Miracle SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 500 Gabriel Mosco Lamita SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 501 Gillis-Harry Nemi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 502 Godwin Victory Chidiebere SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 503 Hope Odunola Kayode SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 504 Igo Bobby Pere SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 505 Income Happiness Isaiah SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 506 Iruaro Victoria SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 507 Isenah Dinipere Esther SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 508 Iyeritei Yinlayefa SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 509 Izegboya Emmanuel I SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 510 Jackson Precious Chigozirim SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 511 James Boghomene SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 512 James Bradford Azibato SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 513 Jilly Tokoni Glory SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 514 Jonah Maovie SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 515 Jonah Stephen SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 516 Kwokwo Ebiobo Favour SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 517 Leonard Grace Ugochi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 518 M SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 519 Marcus Princewill Junior SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 520 Martin Jacob SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 521 Micah Stephen Ofoni SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 522 Napoleon Mary SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 523 Ndianefo Cynthia Chidera SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 524 Ndirika Chinecherem Destiny SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 525 Ndunma Emmanuel SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 526 Nikoro Eseoghene SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 527 Nwaoma Ikechukwu Stanley SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 528 Nwigwe Ukamaka Angela SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 529 Obein Eunice Agip SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 530 Obiogbolu Chizoba Jennifer SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 531 Odeh Promise Nkechi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 532 Odene Jeffrey Oluchukwu SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 533 Ogobiri Daniel Dennis SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 534 Oguaghamba Woripre Gift SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 535 Ojefia Onome SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 536 Okoye Innocent Chukwuebuka SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 537 Okwuigwe Nkiruka Blessing SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 538 Okwuoha Emmanuel Chinonso SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 539 Oluye Goodness Temple SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 540 Omenihu Onyinyechi Chinweotito SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 541 Onojaefe Christabel Ndidi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 542 Onojaefe Nissi Onome SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 543 Opuene Ifiemi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 544 Oputa David Oyindenepre SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 545 Oworodo Azibanator Egbo SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 546 Reuben Oluchi Sharon SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 547 Sylvester Chibuzor Lucky SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 548 Tarebayei Beauty Akpotimi SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 549 Tobi Erasmus SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 550 Ucheana Nmesoma Blessing SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 551 Ugowe Osarodion Peter SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 552 Ukaruchi Kennedy Chigaemezu SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 553 Umbu Faithful SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 554 Umeadi Chiamaka Henrietta SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 555 Victor Aniefiok SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 556 War Ebimoye Goodness SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY 557 Zolo Mary Kesiena SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY FACULTY OF ENGINEERING S/N NAME DEPARTMENT 1 Abel Yarwamara Muzan CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 2 Adegbulugbe Abiodun Paulu CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 3 Aji Nnamdi CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 4 Akpan Jason Eddie CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 5 Amaife Chinaza Miracle CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 6 Ambayai Sarah Abraham CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 7 Amorighoye Godknows Yesufu CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 8 Arutere Oghenerume CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 9 Augusta S Fredrick CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 10 Aziakpono Ovwede CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 11 Beinmodiri Gilead Micah CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 12 Ben Ifiemi Tari CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 13 Ben Lucky Ifiemi CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 14 Ben-Awari Ayebaefiye Isaac CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 15 Charles Prince CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 16 Chukwu Uchenna Charles CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 17 Chukwuma Desmond Kosisochukwu CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 18 Dika Taribimene CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 19 Duru Olivia Chiamaka CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 20 Edaemi Ebikela Jennifer CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 21 Egba Experience CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 22 Ekokoje Aghogho Becky CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 23 Emmanuel Emmanuel Miebaka CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 24 Enobun Benjamin CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 25 Erewari Graham Great CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 26 Eterigho Divine Oraroghene CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 27 Fredrick Onhorhode Happy CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 28 Ganiyu Abiodun Mike CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 29 Godspower Gift Emmanuel CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 30 Igwe Nzubechukwu Isaac CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 31 Ike Bestman Chinonso CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 32 Isou Pere CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 33 James Oyeinkari Godgives CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 34 John-Lewis Omiete Enoch CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 35 Korie Emmanuel Chukwubuikem CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 36 M CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 37 Mac-Moses Dennis Godsave CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 38 Matthew Nimibo Oyenimiworio CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 39 Michael Patience Ofejiro CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 40 Nelson Felix Ovieteme CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 41 Nkadi Chika Kelvin CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 42 Nwachukwu George Nnaemeka CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 43 Nwachukwu Precious Chibuzor CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 44 Nweke Chukwuma Godknows CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 45 Nwogu Fortune Junior CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 46 Nwokocha Victor Chilaka CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 47 Obanyedo Oghenetega CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 48 Obodoefuna Johnbosco Kosisochukwu CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 49 Odubome Kemeseimikumo CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 50 Ogangwu Oluwaseun Patrick CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 51 Ogulah Oyindobra Uche CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 52 Okolowie Joshua Ebikombowie CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 53 Okoro Mabel Chigozie CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 54 Omamofe Sisanmi CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 55 Onyekwere Obinna CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 56 Owoh Josephine Joseph CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 57 Owoufini-Ere Anisa CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 58 Paul Onyinyechi Beatrice CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 59 Pepple Ibiere Owutwosighia CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 60 Philip Ebiene CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 61 Sam-Osobere Clortina CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 62 Tuboke Kelvin Omoro CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 63 Uhumwangho Elias Ewere-Osa CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 64 Umeh Victor Ifechukwu CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 65 Uwakwe Kelechi CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 66 Yarhere Oghenetega CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 67 Yusuf Joy Omonamekpa CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 68 Adienbo Mark Nwadighi CIVIL ENGINEERING 69 Agbagbue Ifeanyi Experience CIVIL ENGINEERING 70 Akekere Azibakayam CIVIL ENGINEERING 71 Akpan Peculiar Godwin CIVIL ENGINEERING 72 Alemede Emmanuel Oluwadamilare CIVIL ENGINEERING 73 Amadi Goodnews Otutochi CIVIL ENGINEERING 74 Anthony Godwin Onyekachukwu CIVIL ENGINEERING 75 Augustine Jonathan CIVIL ENGINEERING 76 Ayah Samuel CIVIL ENGINEERING 77 Badmus Lateef Babatunde CIVIL ENGINEERING 78 Chidiebere Precious Chigozirim CIVIL ENGINEERING 79 Chima Samuel Nnabuife CIVIL ENGINEERING 80 Clifford Ajayi Godgift CIVIL ENGINEERING 81 Deinduomo Dominic T CIVIL ENGINEERING 82 Ejiogu Benevan Chidiebere CIVIL ENGINEERING 83 Ekwoba Chidera Noble CIVIL ENGINEERING 84 Elijah David CIVIL ENGINEERING 85 Emmanuel Richard Ifeanyichukwu CIVIL ENGINEERING 86 Emomoemi Agbogidi CIVIL ENGINEERING 87 Enai Tiemo CIVIL ENGINEERING 88 Etsu Jane Ikpemhinoghena CIVIL ENGINEERING 89 Faruq Isiaq Michael CIVIL ENGINEERING 90 Fredrick Omote CIVIL ENGINEERING 91 Freedom Ozoro CIVIL ENGINEERING 92 Frofoun Jacob CIVIL ENGINEERING 93 Gowon Solomon King CIVIL ENGINEERING 94 Ibiama Tamunoala Kennet CIVIL ENGINEERING 95 Igbonaju Tochukwu Victor CIVIL ENGINEERING 96 Igho Edesiri CIVIL ENGINEERING 97 Ighomitedo Emuesiri Glenn CIVIL ENGINEERING 98 Ijitoye Oluwafemi Noah CIVIL ENGINEERING 99 Israel Ekeledirichukwu Wisdom CIVIL ENGINEERING 100 Itigha Goodness Rukevwe CIVIL ENGINEERING 101 Itoya Ofure Favour CIVIL ENGINEERING 102 Izogbo Abhelegiami Hope CIVIL ENGINEERING 103 Jephter Kevin CIVIL ENGINEERING 104 Jerry Ultimate Nzubechi CIVIL ENGINEERING 105 Kemekorogha Marvellous CIVIL ENGINEERING 106 Mgbeahuru Wisdom Chizaram CIVIL ENGINEERING 107 Michael Simeon James CIVIL ENGINEERING 108 Miene Hope Tamaradoubra CIVIL ENGINEERING 109 Monilari Oluwatimilehin Jeremiah CIVIL ENGINEERING 110 Morrison Preye CIVIL ENGINEERING 111 Mukoro Fabian CIVIL ENGINEERING 112 Ndubuisi Peace Udochi CIVIL ENGINEERING 113 Nelson Prosper CIVIL ENGINEERING 114 Nkemelu Oluchukwu Prosper CIVIL ENGINEERING 115 Nwapi Onyebuchi CIVIL ENGINEERING 116 Obaseki Afoke Patrick CIVIL ENGINEERING 117 Ochonogor Chukwuneku Christian CIVIL ENGINEERING 118 Odibo Precious CIVIL ENGINEERING 119 Odoya, Precious Christopher CIVIL ENGINEERING 120 Ogadi Martin Chijioke CIVIL ENGINEERING 121 Ogar Augustine Ogbeche CIVIL ENGINEERING 122 Ogbara Godgive CIVIL ENGINEERING 123 Ogbu Owhornda CIVIL ENGINEERING 124 Ogoro Tolbert Felix CIVIL ENGINEERING 125 Okala Psalm Peter CIVIL ENGINEERING 126 Okaniba Azibato Vincent CIVIL ENGINEERING 127 Okoloba Wisdom George CIVIL ENGINEERING 128 Okpu Oweleba John CIVIL ENGINEERING 129 Olatunji Opeyemi Godwin CIVIL ENGINEERING 130 Onwuka Chinenye Blessing CIVIL ENGINEERING 131 Onyekwere Nnanna Akata CIVIL ENGINEERING 132 Opene Obiajulu Emmanuel CIVIL ENGINEERING 133 Opi Matthew Oghenemaro CIVIL ENGINEERING 134 Opuana Orevaoghene Divine CIVIL ENGINEERING 135 Osaribie Israel Macdonald CIVIL ENGINEERING 136 Oseke Kelvin CIVIL ENGINEERING 137 Ossai Chinedu Victor CIVIL ENGINEERING 138 Oyetona Thompson Jibola CIVIL ENGINEERING 139 Patrick Aloysius Ebubechi CIVIL ENGINEERING 140 Perekeme Ebibose Raymond CIVIL ENGINEERING 141 Sapele Avwenayeri CIVIL ENGINEERING 142 Solomon Samson Nuafa CIVIL ENGINEERING 143 Ugbor Obinna Moses CIVIL ENGINEERING 144 Umoru Fortune CIVIL ENGINEERING 145 Uzodinma Augustine Chukwubuikem CIVIL ENGINEERING 146 Worlu Victor Kemkanma CIVIL ENGINEERING 147 Abidde Oyinpreye Daniel ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 148 Adoroh Favour Kenneth ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 149 Agbo John Okwunna ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 150 Ajayi Love ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 151 Ake Steve Joseph ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 152 Akugbo Divinepower ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 153 Alabi Oluwaseyanu Femi ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 154 Alabi Oluwaseyi Olurotimi ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 155 Allison Tekena Daniel ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 156 Alozie Royal Chiagozie ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 157 Amiekumo Emmanuel Pere-Ebi ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 158 Chidi Favour Chidera ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 159 Chiedozie Favour ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 160 Chinda Badubulach God’Swill ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 161 Chukwuemeka Udoka Edward ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 162 Chukwujindu Daniel Chimzuluoke ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 163 Dappa Prince Godday ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 164 Donatus Chidiebube Victor ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 165 Edhebe Louis Ewoma ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 166 Elechi Francis ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 167 Emoavwodua Samson Ejaita ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 168 Emuhowho Obaro-Oghene Bright ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 169 Enyi David Alechenu ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 170 Ezeh Emmanuel Chidiebele ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 171 Friday Wisdom Aaron ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 172 Gilbert Efiye Clapperton ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 173 Gita Izonebi Emmanuel ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 174 Inetimi Paris ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 175 Iweias Canaan ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 176 Jackson Francis Oten ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 177 Jemikalajah Emmanuel Erukeoghene ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 178 Jonathan David Oyinkuro ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 179 Joseph Princewill Ayibatonye ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 180 Josiah Ochai Sunday ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 181 Kakainda Prince ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 182 Karibo Stanley Akpemopere ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 183 Kiogha Smart Bonkien ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 184 Manson Favour Tonbara ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 185 Michael Chimele ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 186 Mozie Chukwudubem Chetachukwu ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 187 Ndamati Bright ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 188 Ndubuoke Joseph Destiny ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 189 Nkere Ogbonna Clinton ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 190 Nna Michael Chibuikem ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 191 Nnamani Levi Chekwubechukwu ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 192 Nwadilibe Chukwuebuka Franklyn ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 193 Nwankwo Patrick Chukwuma ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 194 Odey Augustine Ekawu ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 195 Odoni David ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 196 Odubo Perebi Allen ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 197 Ogiga Emmanuel Benard ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 198 Ogunleye Odunayo Samuel ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 199 Okeke Chinonso Victor ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 200 Okeke Kelechi Moses ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 201 Okeke Miracle ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 202 Okoh Utomi Wisdom ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 203 Okoli Chibuikem Owen ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 204 Okor Oghenekaro Royston ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 205 Okor Oruaro ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 206 Okoroh Oseiga Emmanuel ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 207 Olorunfemi Victor Temidayo ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 208 Onothoja Tano Elias ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 209 Oriakporhe Collins Ogaga ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 210 Owabie Chimakpa Emmanuel ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 211 Owede Abraham Marvellous ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 212 Oyabara Paul Zikeyi ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 213 Samuel Egwolo Jesse ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 214 Sodunke Abraham Olakunle ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 215 Sunday Diepreye Kiddy ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 216 Udemobi Chidiebere John ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 217 Udo Moses Michael ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 218 Umejiego Chukwuebuka Victor ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 219 Abioye Ahmed MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 220 Achuri Boniface MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 221 Aghara Kingsley Chidera MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 222 Agonoh Kelvin Ajiri MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 223 Ajoku Emmanuel Chima MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 224 Aken Micheal Emomotimifa MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 225 Akhalumhe Onoke Eugene MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 226 Akongbowa Osayande Bramwell MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 227 Alozie Divine Uchechukwu MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 228 Amadi Marcellinus Ikenna MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 229 Amgbaduba Ebiswode John MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 230 Anam Blessed Abarbein MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 231 Aneke Izuchukwu Precious MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 232 Anumo Francis Dominion MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 233 Attah Edet Victor MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 234 Ayemi Tamarayekenemu Emmanuel MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 235 Chiemeka Augustine Ifechukwude MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 236 Chukwubuikem Micheal Uche MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 237 Damisa Daniel Ogie MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 238 Desire Daboikiabo Benson MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 239 Dickson Blessing Ajubor MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 240 Ebi Avi Tarila MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 241 Ebosele Moses Ezehi MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 242 Ekponimi Pereye Jacob MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 243 Ekwuribe Daniel Chinemeze MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 244 Elenwa Trustgod Chinemeze MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 245 Emakpor Ogheneruru Israel MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 246 Enakerakpo Isaac MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 247 Enyadike Kenneth Kinikanwa MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 248 Esemaya Ifeanyichukwu David MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 249 Eso Michael Chibuike MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 250 Ewurum Dan MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 251 Ezeoke Emmanuel Chukwuemeka MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 252 God’Swill Ibiwari MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 253 Igbiki Ediseimohkumoh James MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 254 Ighoyota Anthony MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 255 Igwe Chidiebere Johnking MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 256 Igwe Okechukwu Stanley MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 257 Irogue Collins Osayande MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 258 Isaac Ogaga Abel MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 259 Jimoh Olawale MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 260 John Onyebuchi Okike MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 261 Kentus Obed MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 262 Michael Clinton Ghilemerziba MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 263 Michael Kingsley Chukwuma MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 264 Minnah Promise Samuel MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 265 Monday Tiemonyunbofa Ebiangasuo MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 266 Nwankwere Berkeley Nzubechi MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 267 Nwaoma Divine Chienweghiatu MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 268 Obed Ikhine Osetihame MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 269 Odia Maphel Okpara MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 270 Odukudu Precious Mudiaga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 271 Ogaga-Oghene Stephe MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 272 Ogar Thomas Akpa MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 273 Oghenetega Divine Godwin MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 274 Ogiriki Peter Perebo MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 275 Okafor Henry Ndubuisi MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 276 Okoni Hilary Omamuzo MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 277 Okoronkwo Chibuzor Augustine MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 278 Okpu Goodluck Williams MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 279 Omohefe Oghenekome MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 280 Osaji Uchenna Nancy MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 281 Oye Marshall MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 282 Thompson Nemi Peter. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 283 Tsalu Mofe Wesley MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 284 Uchechukwu Samuel Favour MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 285 Udohpeter Princess Imaobong MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 286 Ufot Henry Noah MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 287 Ukuwrere Oghenekaro Violet MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 288 Uranta Charles Tamunoala MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 289 Usman Adozuka Lukman MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 290 Wobo Clinton Chimenem MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 291 Wobo Ruth Ngozi MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 292 Yeko Orhorioghene Daniel MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 293 Yunusa Abdul Azeez MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 294 Zige Peremobowei MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 295 Abraham Mirabel Efe MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 296 Abraham Rodney Ominizibe MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 297 Agamugoro Clinton Oghoverere MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 298 Akpodiete Favour Nifemi MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 299 Amaefule Bede Chijioke MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 300 Aniche Favour Ifechukwu MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 301 Anichebe Onyekachi Victor MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 302 Apiri Richman Roland MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 303 Babalola Janemart Bolanle MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 304 Bakpo Godwin Dinebari MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 305 Barayekere Victor Biomoni MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 306 Bassy Gideon Micheal MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 307 Benjamin Daniel Avweresuwa MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 308 Benjamin Ebiakpo MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 309 Clever Tuemoni Oku MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 310 Crystal Chiguyaru Ozenogu MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 311 Daniel Lee MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 312 Duruji Francis Chigozie MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 313 Edet David Etim MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 314 Edhebe Oghenero James MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 315 Edheki Nicholas Evawere MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 316 Egbuna Chukwunyelu Henry MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 317 Egein Desmond Danekete MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 318 Eghuan Bright MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 319 Eluwa Ifeoma Anthonia MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 320 Enoudein Erepamo MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 321 Ewa Reginald Chidera MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 322 Ewere Chinedu Harrison MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 323 Ezekiel Oghenemairo Michael MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 324 Godwin Daniel Chukwuebuka MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 325 Grey-Areben Ovuoroye Joseph MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 326 Ibibo Bestman Clifford MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 327 Ighomitedo Akpesiri Anderson MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 328 Ighoyivwin Okiemute MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 329 Ihekaire Karachi Annabel MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 330 Ijeh Augustine Ifechukwude MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 331 Inetianbor Franklin MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 332 Isu Peter Asime MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 333 Izuchukwu Obianuju Ogechukwu MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 334 Johnbull Suoyo MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 335 Morgan Dumoipiri Edward MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 336 Nnebedum Chimdindu Chinecherem MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 337 Nwaokafor Chikezie Kennedy MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 338 Nwekpa Nnabuife Sydney MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 339 Nwoloko Goodrich MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 340 Obah Oluwabumi Azibalua MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 341 Obarole Idowu Michael MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 342 Ofori-Atta Thankgod Eze MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 343 Okia Peculiar MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 344 Okoro Odinaka Micheal MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 345 Oloyede Segun Godwin MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 346 Onokpise Divine Oghenero MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 347 Onuosah Nwachukwu Emmanuel MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 348 Onwuamaegbu Prince Iheanyi MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 349 Onwurah Christopher Ebuka MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 350 Osia Miracle Chizalam MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 351 Oyadiegha Gabriel Emomotimi MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 352 Peter Shola MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 353 Sabi-God Oghogho Epere MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 354 Theophilus Tarri MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 355 Ubah Chukwuebuka Charles MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 356 Ubonabasi Uyaiabasi Peter MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 357 Ugbonma Macaulay MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 358 Umeh Anthony Ebube MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 359 Umutor Oghenegare Victory MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 360 Uzor Julius Ifesinachi MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 361 Zitenkumor Oyinkepreye MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING 362 Abeke, Ekinesam Ephraim PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 363 Abubakar Muhammad Kamaldeen PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 364 Adeniyi Adetunji PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 365 Akaeme Victor Chekwube PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 366 Akinbi Oluwagbemileke Andrew PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 367 Alabi Abiodun Christopher PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 368 Aloba Gibson Godgift PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 369 Amah David PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 370 Amangoli Mos Meni PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 371 Anekwe Felicity Chukwuebuka PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 372 Ani Emmanuel Nnamdi PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 373 Asei October PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 374 Azazi Daniel Timipere PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 375 Bozy Tarinyo Ideri PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 376 Burutu Freedom Obaro PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 377 Chima Dike Okpu PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 378 Datuowei Ebipere Precious PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 379 Dunu Seidougha Benson PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 380 Eboagwu Emeka Oritseshemaye PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 381 Edoghotu Kevin Felix PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 382 Ekereke Perekeme PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 383 Elechi- Ike Faith PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 384 Elubode Abayomi Lawrence PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 385 Emarobebh Asara PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 386 Emmanuel Ekankumor Oyabebefa PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 387 Emmanuel Precious Obinna PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 388 Erero Eloho Uzezi PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 389 Ernest Chinonso Victor PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 390 Eze Tochukwu David PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 391 Femone Diepreye Tobi PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 392 Fredrick Wisdom Endurance PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 393 George Williams Obadiah PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 394 Iboh Owen Edukpe PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 395 Ibrahim Haruna PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 396 Igbogbo Preye Azibakanye PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 397 Iheanacho Chukwuka Samson PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 398 Ikaramo Jacob Preye PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 399 Ikechukwu Faith Ozioma PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 400 Ikiere Joshua Tamarakro PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 401 James Elvis Dajut PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 402 Jindu Stephe Vincent PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 403 Jonathan Valentine Darlington PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 404 Josiah David Enitomene PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 405 Koke Goodnews PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 406 Mark Andrew Dalyop PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 407 Nchoonei Emmanuel Dii PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 408 Ndala Favour Chimele PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 409 Nigeria Oghenegharatohwo PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 410 Nikoro Dome PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 411 Nnachi Emmanuel Zaki PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 412 Obi Jennifer Ogechukwu PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 413 Obua Daniel Jacob PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 414 Ochani Rosemary Onyemowo PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 415 Odunoku Babaseun Sylvester PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 416 Ogabo Peter Abua PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 417 Ogar Joseph Ijoko PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 418 Oghenerutakpevwe Lawrence Dolor PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 419 Ogolo Boma PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 420 Oguejiofor Ifunaya Emmanuela PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 421 Ogunleye Mayowa Daniel PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 422 Okechukwu Daniel Okechukwu PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 423 Omale Faith PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 424 Ominigbo Joy Salbot PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 425 Osuma Aduba Joshua PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 426 Paul Ede Collins PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 427 Potokri Lawrence Glarus PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 428 Sakafemoh Victor Ebieyi PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 429 Timothy Nelson PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 430 Udoette Ubokobong Tom PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 431 Udofia Ubongabasi Augustine PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 432 Ugboma Chinemerem Emmanuel PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 433 Umeh Miracle Chiemerie PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 434 Victor Allwell Ihiechi PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 435 Victor Goddey Ebiegberi PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 436 Vincent-Brown Tamunoteim Dikibujiri PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING 437 Zebulon Atije Ngor PETROLEUM AND GAS ENGINEERING FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCES S/N NAME Department 1 Abdulwaheed Hussein Oniye ACCOUNTING 2 Abiola Paul Heritage ACCOUNTING 3 Afesuku Timipamoere ACCOUNTING 4 Afigho Mirabel Omonigho ACCOUNTING 5 Agori Omosione Precious ACCOUNTING 6 Akawu Victor Kwapu-Ayoola ACCOUNTING 7 Akporaivi Emamezi ACCOUNTING 8 Alagha Samuel Buimagha ACCOUNTING 9 Alama Tenededia Richman ACCOUNTING 10 Amaefule Daniel Chidera ACCOUNTING 11 Amaife Augustina Chiamaka ACCOUNTING 12 Amos Ojiyovwi Kate ACCOUNTING 13 Andah Werimenesougha Rita ACCOUNTING 14 Anya Ugonna Josephine ACCOUNTING 15 Ariole Alex Ogheneroro ACCOUNTING 16 Ashiwaju Suliaman Nimotalia ACCOUNTING 17 Asielue Dumebi ACCOUNTING 18 Atubu Victor Ugochukwu ACCOUNTING 19 Auta Israel Dembo ACCOUNTING 20 Azubuike Blessing Ginikachi ACCOUNTING 21 Babatunde Ridwan Olanrewaju ACCOUNTING 22 Bajomo Bisola Temitope ACCOUNTING 23 Bassey Princewill Uwemedimoh ACCOUNTING 24 Boukan Kingsley Oyabrade ACCOUNTING 25 Bright Christain Job ACCOUNTING 26 Brisibe Vera Tamara ACCOUNTING 27 Brown Ibitamuno Ishmeal ACCOUNTING 28 Calabar Peter Peremobowei ACCOUNTING 29 Chibuike Divine Chiamaka ACCOUNTING 30 Chibuzor Ogechi Princess-Victory ACCOUNTING 31 Chukwu Chinyere Gift ACCOUNTING 32 Chukwuma Onyinye Gift ACCOUNTING 33 Dimaka Chidera Precious ACCOUNTING 34 Dorcas Daka ACCOUNTING 35 Dorgu Peremobere Favour ACCOUNTING 36 Ebasi Kelvin Jacob ACCOUNTING 37 Ebiyegbagha Janet ACCOUNTING 38 Edeh Chidinma Theresa ACCOUNTING 39 Ejimitovwovwon Igbunu ACCOUNTING 40 Ekwuabu Francisca Nwabu ACCOUNTING 41 Etok Fulfil Nelson ACCOUNTING 42 Festus Emilia Monday ACCOUNTING 43 Frank Oyintare Stephanie ACCOUNTING 44 Fred Daniel Nwazoke ACCOUNTING 45 Gbe Julius ACCOUNTING 46 Gelegukuma Victor Daniel ACCOUNTING 47 Geoffrey Vivian Obuza ACCOUNTING 48 Godfrey Mildred Alfred ACCOUNTING 49 Godwin Love Chigozirim ACCOUNTING 50 Ifenuaguta Cecilia Onyinyechukwu ACCOUNTING 51 Igho Emuesiri ACCOUNTING 52 Iheakanwa Judith Chidinma ACCOUNTING 53 Ikiba Gabriel Samuel-Alfred ACCOUNTING 54 Ikpitibo Pereyirin ACCOUNTING 55 Ikpoemezie Rita Chidera ACCOUNTING 56 Irikefe Andrew Oghenetega ACCOUNTING 57 Isioma Oluchukwu Emmanuel ACCOUNTING 58 Iwhevu Blessing Onowoghale ACCOUNTING 59 Kalaku Suwoyo ACCOUNTING 60 Kentebe Beatrice Endutimi ACCOUNTING 61 Koko Perebibo Kelvin ACCOUNTING 62 Macauley Chioma Felix ACCOUNTING 63 Martins Blessing Ogechi ACCOUNTING 64 Matthew Blessing Esther ACCOUNTING 65 Matthew Vincent Ado ACCOUNTING 66 Mgbolu Paul Ngozi ACCOUNTING 67 Miracle Chinoso Samuel ACCOUNTING 68 Monday Joy Happiness ACCOUNTING 69 Mondigha Preye Ethel ACCOUNTING 70 Nathaniel Ayebatonbara Pamela ACCOUNTING 71 Ndukwe Mary Chizaram ACCOUNTING 72 Newstar Silas ACCOUNTING 73 Nkama Elvis Anointing ACCOUNTING 74 Nwaobilor Emmanuel Ifeanyi ACCOUNTING 75 Nyanabo Divine Aziba-Obhebhu ACCOUNTING 76 Obokare Ogheneochuko ACCOUNTING 77 Obozuwa Innocent David ACCOUNTING 78 Odufuwa Bukola Ufuoma ACCOUNTING 79 Ogeibiri Benedict Ebipade ACCOUNTING 80 Ogidi-Oke Pere-Owei Miekumo ACCOUNTING 81 Ogunsanwo Oluwole Aduragbemi ACCOUNTING 82 Ohiwere Amenumenle Precious ACCOUNTING 83 Ojumiriuwari Raphael ACCOUNTING 84 Okechukwu Oluchukwu Mercy ACCOUNTING 85 Okeke Amarachi Anthonia ACCOUNTING 86 Okeleghel Eunice ACCOUNTING 87 Okini Tetueme Makivie ACCOUNTING 88 Okoko Woyengibaratuanipre Peace ACCOUNTING 89 Okorie Chinwendu ACCOUNTING 90 Okoro Helen Nnenna ACCOUNTING 91 Okwuma Chinonye Lilian ACCOUNTING 92 Olabamerun Funke Rita ACCOUNTING 93 Olawale Labake Fortune ACCOUNTING 94 Olowu Faith Boluwatife ACCOUNTING 95 Omenihu Nzubechi Precious ACCOUNTING 96 Omiete Isaac Dickson ACCOUNTING 97 Omotoriogun Isaac Olayinka ACCOUNTING 98 Oneyibo Oghenedonaye Chika ACCOUNTING 99 Onyeche Glory Uchechukwu ACCOUNTING 100 Orji Meekness ACCOUNTING 101 Osefoh Oluchukwu Jacinta ACCOUNTING 102 Otorudigha Taribaralate ACCOUNTING 103 Owutuamo Enebiseimokumo Victory ACCOUNTING 104 Patrick Elvis Onyedikachi ACCOUNTING 105 Peterside Amaso Bethel ACCOUNTING 106 Promise Victor Aku ACCOUNTING 107 Sipou Ayibaifielatei Pereketin ACCOUNTING 108 Sunday Israel Adam ACCOUNTING 109 Sunday Ngozi Gail ACCOUNTING 110 Sydney Godswill ACCOUNTING 111 Theophilus Damini Daniel ACCOUNTING 112 Tsolaye Agberuku Morita ACCOUNTING 113 Tuedon Tamarauemomoemi Bevlyn ACCOUNTING 114 Ukachukwu Esther Amarachi ACCOUNTING 115 Umukoro Michael Oghenero ACCOUNTING 116 Vianana Reuben Woyengidenyefa ACCOUNTING 117 Waidi Michael Eniekade ACCOUNTING 118 Agbasielo Uchechukwu Mariagoretti BANKING AND FINANCE 119 Ajala Chinenye BANKING AND FINANCE 120 Ajibade Victoria Blessing BANKING AND FINANCE 121 Ajiroghene Precious Elo-Oghene BANKING AND FINANCE 122 Akpan Patience Aniekan BANKING AND FINANCE 123 Akpufu Olaguaziba Isaac BANKING AND FINANCE 124 Aniefiok Charity James BANKING AND FINANCE 125 Anwasia Juliet Awele BANKING AND FINANCE 126 Asu Peremobo Ere BANKING AND FINANCE 127 Author Ebikonboere BANKING AND FINANCE 128 Awuzie Onyinyechi Gift BANKING AND FINANCE 129 Benemo Blessing BANKING AND FINANCE 130 Boson Philomena BANKING AND FINANCE 131 Chanumuya Deborah Isioma BANKING AND FINANCE 132 Charles Tonari Fami BANKING AND FINANCE 133 Chigbu Casmir Ebube BANKING AND FINANCE 134 Dilisu Gracious Oreva BANKING AND FINANCE 135 Dolor Ejiro Marvellous BANKING AND FINANCE 136 Don Paguru Evarada BANKING AND FINANCE 137 Ebipere Samuel Living BANKING AND FINANCE 138 Editor Moses Tamaraunemiebi BANKING AND FINANCE 139 Edward Azibakenamobeh Bernice BANKING AND FINANCE 140 Egwuenu Victory BANKING AND FINANCE 141 Ehimhen Victor Ighodalo BANKING AND FINANCE 142 Ejorh Lydia Nneka BANKING AND FINANCE 143 Emmanuel Chukwuebuka Odinlo BANKING AND FINANCE 144 Emmanuel Emmanuella Miebaka BANKING AND FINANCE 145 Emmanuel Goodluck Ogheneovo BANKING AND FINANCE 146 Enai Joshua Temeoweitarila BANKING AND FINANCE 147 Enebatetseye Deborah Oritsematosan BANKING AND FINANCE 148 Eniepamo Ebitimi Faith BANKING AND FINANCE 149 Epouwei Evelyn Fortunate BANKING AND FINANCE 150 Eseimokumo Ebimoboere Goodness BANKING AND FINANCE 151 Esther Nkeruka Okafor BANKING AND FINANCE 152 Etebe Faith Sarahbel BANKING AND FINANCE 153 Evuarherhe Divine Oghenefejiro BANKING AND FINANCE 154 Fekebebeseimor Awinni Goodness BANKING AND FINANCE 155 Festus Osarere Glory BANKING AND FINANCE 156 George Faith Chidiomimi BANKING AND FINANCE 157 Godi Christebi Tingiwei BANKING AND FINANCE 158 Godknows Wokoma BANKING AND FINANCE 159 Godlight Excellent BANKING AND FINANCE 160 Ikewun Gift Ese BANKING AND FINANCE 161 Ikpotor Roli Sarah BANKING AND FINANCE 162 Imeh Confidence Okon BANKING AND FINANCE 163 Jacob Faustina BANKING AND FINANCE 164 Jagbadia Joy Oghenekevwe BANKING AND FINANCE 165 John Precious Izokpu BANKING AND FINANCE 166 Komada Collins BANKING AND FINANCE 167 Loba Sarah BANKING AND FINANCE 168 Matthew George BANKING AND FINANCE 169 Michael Leticia Ebiere BANKING AND FINANCE 170 Nanaopiri Philip W BANKING AND FINANCE 171 Napoleon Ayibamiete Joy BANKING AND FINANCE 172 Ndubuisi Esther Nkeiru BANKING AND FINANCE 173 Nwagha Promise Uchechukwu BANKING AND FINANCE 174 Nwankwo Princess Uloaku BANKING AND FINANCE 175 Nwobodo Peace Chioma BANKING AND FINANCE 176 Nwokoye Chukwunonso Romanus BANKING AND FINANCE 177 Obaseemo Solomon Temidayo BANKING AND FINANCE 178 Odisi Oyinkiye BANKING AND FINANCE 179 Odubolu Tamarapreye Gift BANKING AND FINANCE 180 Ogedegbe Jeffery Kelly BANKING AND FINANCE 181 Ogianyo Omomoh Christian BANKING AND FINANCE 182 Okposio Omena Louisa BANKING AND FINANCE 183 Okujunu God’Stime BANKING AND FINANCE 184 Onyegbule Chukwudi Emmanuel BANKING AND FINANCE 185 Opukeme Peremobo-Wei BANKING AND FINANCE 186 Orhohwa Charity Ogheneruona BANKING AND FINANCE 187 Oruzia Zibepreyi BANKING AND FINANCE 188 Osondu Chiamaka Charyl BANKING AND FINANCE 189 Paul Blessing Chizaram BANKING AND FINANCE 190 Paul Happiness Piawar BANKING AND FINANCE 191 Peter Reason Anebi BANKING AND FINANCE 192 Prince Jennifer Ebipade BANKING AND FINANCE 193 Reginald Ayibaemi Akeri BANKING AND FINANCE 194 Samuel Eunice Toobari BANKING AND FINANCE 195 Samuel Oluchi Happiness BANKING AND FINANCE 196 Shonibare Aminat Oluwatobiloba BANKING AND FINANCE 197 Sinikan Bridget Sophia BANKING AND FINANCE 198 Unuero Ogheneobukome Silas BANKING AND FINANCE 199 Utuanaani Prince Osephemugh BANKING AND FINANCE 200 Wodu Olaebi BANKING AND FINANCE 201 Worlu Eunice Odinakachi BANKING AND FINANCE 202 Abezi Becky Piye BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 203 Ahunanya Stephenie Chinoya BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 204 Akene Testimony Miracle BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 205 Alate Ayebaineami Michael BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 206 Alex Victor Okereke BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 207 Amabebe Buboruebi Rita BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 208 Amarachukwu Ozioma Udochukwu BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 209 Ambakederemo Hope Ovokere BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 210 Anaughe Eloho Cecilia BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 211 Aromedoghene Christian BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 212 Ase Emmanuel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 213 Augustine Edoma Praise BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 214 Avbarefe Ochuko Christabel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 215 Beke Perekebina Elvis BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 216 Benjamin Yarwamara Racheal BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 217 Benson Emmanuel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 218 Benson Yibanumuweru Joel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 219 Brakase Funpere BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 220 Brisibe Tarela Sarah BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 221 Chukwu Collins Obinna BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 222 Dekpen Tamarauemi Joshua BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 223 Duru Chidubem Esther BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 224 Eburaghomi Jordan BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 225 Eferaye Selina Rume BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 226 Egeonu Doris Chinwe BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 227 Eigbe Purity BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 228 Emeledor Pereowei BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 229 Emmanuel Ibitimiyon BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 230 Enetimi Freda Krokeyi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 231 Enyida Kelvin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 232 Eperetun Powei BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 233 Eseoghene Jeffrey Okuse BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 234 Esiso Roy Rhire BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 235 Etim Peace Michael BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 236 Ezeifesie Onyinyechukwu Emmanuel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 237 Ezekiel Omiete Daukoru BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 238 Frederick Stephanie Ebiaboere BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 239 Gift Ezinne Udensi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 240 Glad Buduka Wisdom BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 241 Godbless Ayibadoubra Success BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 242 Godspower Gift Tamara-Preye BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 243 Gominah Isaiah Oluwafemi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 244 Ifeanyi Alex Ifenna BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 245 Isaiah Ofonmbuk Ben BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 246 Jegede Abiola Timothy BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 247 Joseph Ebena Gospel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 248 Joseph Peter BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 249 Julius Princess Igbe BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 250 Kalu Chidinma Janet BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 251 Kelvin Layefa Udugba BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 252 Kenneth Francis Juliet BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 253 Kuroekigha Tontei Moses BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 254 Manasia Emeka Wisdom BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 255 Matthew Progress BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 256 Member Miracle Oyinmiebi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 257 Miller Ndidi Rejoice BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 258 Minnah Ebitimi Samuel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 259 Obiajulu Daniel Chijioke BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 260 Obilor Rich Ugonna BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 261 Obodo Precious BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 262 Ogar Joseph Oluwasegun BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 263 Ogbonna Queen Cherukie BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 264 Oguma Victory BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 265 Okafor Hilary Chidi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 266 Okafor Iruoma Mirecle BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 267 Okam, Chinecherem Udu BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 268 Okechukwu Angela Amarachi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 269 Okogba Bodisere Catherine BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 270 Okonkwor Chinaza Mary BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 271 Okorie Cynthia Amarachi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 272 Okoro Emmanuel Chimaobi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 273 Okoro Jane Ifeoma BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 274 Okoro Wilsmith BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 275 Okwara Benita Oluebube BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 276 Olarewaju Iwajomo BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 277 Olowu Harriet BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 278 Oloye Ebikonbowei Kelvin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 279 Omukorogha Destiny BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 280 Omungor Alaere Ruth BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 281 Onyema Chukwuka BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 282 Orioha Zita Chiamaka BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 283 Oseke Timilaemi Rosemary BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 284 Oselue Oghale Progress BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 285 Ossai Ashionye BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 286 Ossy Ruth Idiboh BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 287 Owan Tarilayefa Kendrick BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 288 Philip Oyientarila Daniel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 289 Poko Bemeyi Roselyn BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 290 Praise Salome BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 291 Richard Mera Moses BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 292 Sigah Ebi Kelvin BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 293 Stanley Samuel Anyiah BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 294 Tajudeen Owolabi Jamiu BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 295 Tawo Juliet Banku BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 296 Tom-Dick Justina Imomotimi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 297 Uche Kalu Precious BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 298 Uchechukwu Emmanuella Inaibiriyai BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 299 Udoh Mabel Emmanuel BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 300 Willie Luke BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 301 Wokoma Moses BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 302 Zikiye Grace Tarimotimi BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 303 Akpotayobor Odafe ENTREPRENEURSHIP 304 Akuna Perezedei Nelson ENTREPRENEURSHIP 305 Ali Blessing Omo ENTREPRENEURSHIP 306 Alozie Chidiebere Ernest ENTREPRENEURSHIP 307 Amingo Utavie ENTREPRENEURSHIP 308 Apiri Aruoebebh ENTREPRENEURSHIP 309 Appolos Ibeinmote ENTREPRENEURSHIP 310 Ariawhorai Elohor Emmaunella ENTREPRENEURSHIP 311 Arogo Abraham Esther ENTREPRENEURSHIP 312 Bekebor Ede Tare ENTREPRENEURSHIP 313 Benjamin Gift Priye ENTREPRENEURSHIP 314 Burutuowei Tare ENTREPRENEURSHIP 315 Dakolo Lucky Preye ENTREPRENEURSHIP 316 Damfibo Dandy Felix ENTREPRENEURSHIP 317 Davidson Precious Allison ENTREPRENEURSHIP 318 Ekwebili Eric Ebube ENTREPRENEURSHIP 319 Emmanuella Omiebi Fuoebi ENTREPRENEURSHIP 320 Erhiarha Favour ENTREPRENEURSHIP 321 Ezeghalike Chidimma ENTREPRENEURSHIP 322 Ezeh Michael Oluebube ENTREPRENEURSHIP 323 George Uko Effiom ENTREPRENEURSHIP 324 Igwe Favour Wentorsayeaziba ENTREPRENEURSHIP 325 Iloabuchi Charles Chibuike ENTREPRENEURSHIP 326 Irene Obiekezie ENTREPRENEURSHIP 327 Iyoha Joyce Gift ENTREPRENEURSHIP 328 Japheth Hilda Claudius ENTREPRENEURSHIP 329 Johnson Prince Oluebube ENTREPRENEURSHIP 330 Joseph Enibraye Joan ENTREPRENEURSHIP 331 Joshua Bio Diepreye ENTREPRENEURSHIP 332 Karibi Ayibaditomini Edwin ENTREPRENEURSHIP 333 Kemebaotu Bella Tamaramiebi ENTREPRENEURSHIP 334 Lewis Ighotobore Precious ENTREPRENEURSHIP 335 Lovesther David Dakolo ENTREPRENEURSHIP 336 Mbomson Sylvester Onyeka ENTREPRENEURSHIP 337 Michael Stephen Obah ENTREPRENEURSHIP 338 Ndiomu Christabel Tamarapreye ENTREPRENEURSHIP 339 Nmema Ugochukwu George ENTREPRENEURSHIP 340 Nnaemeka Blessing Ada ENTREPRENEURSHIP 341 Nwaeboka Vivian Chidinma ENTREPRENEURSHIP 342 Obua Jacob Blessing ENTREPRENEURSHIP 343 Obukanwa Azibaobebh ENTREPRENEURSHIP 344 October Woyinkeditonmene ENTREPRENEURSHIP 345 Odikeme Goodluck ENTREPRENEURSHIP 346 Odoko Oyinbrakemi Prisca ENTREPRENEURSHIP 347 Ogbor Christabel Ufuoma ENTREPRENEURSHIP 348 Ogbuju Francisca Ogochukwu ENTREPRENEURSHIP 349 Ogidi Oluomachi Gift ENTREPRENEURSHIP 350 Ogori-Peter Funkonboere Charity ENTREPRENEURSHIP 351 Okeke Perpetual Chinelo ENTREPRENEURSHIP 352 Okodugha Anointing Onosemudiana ENTREPRENEURSHIP 353 Okoye Onyinyechi Rita ENTREPRENEURSHIP 354 Omeire Promise Chisimdi ENTREPRENEURSHIP 355 Onduru Oyinlayefa Kelvin ENTREPRENEURSHIP 356 Onedibe Chidera Chiagozie ENTREPRENEURSHIP 357 Onuoha Promise Chizobam ENTREPRENEURSHIP 358 Onyeaghala Goodness Chidinma ENTREPRENEURSHIP 359 Opikrama Mary Blessing ENTREPRENEURSHIP 360 Opori Ebitomor Joan ENTREPRENEURSHIP 361 Ordu-Pac Uloma ENTREPRENEURSHIP 362 Ovoh Erezi Favour ENTREPRENEURSHIP 363 Paul Benjamin Ithunokha ENTREPRENEURSHIP 364 Philip Obote Victor ENTREPRENEURSHIP 365 Ronami Azibanayam Sakurogha ENTREPRENEURSHIP 366 Sambo Isaac ENTREPRENEURSHIP 367 Thompson Angela ENTREPRENEURSHIP 368 Ugbechie Lilian ENTREPRENEURSHIP 369 Uroboghara Eseoghene Joy ENTREPRENEURSHIP 370 Victor Ayebatari ENTREPRENEURSHIP 371 Wogu Kelechi Theodore ENTREPRENEURSHIP 372 Aboye Justice Tamaraebi MARKETING 373 Abrakasa Ayebakuro MARKETING 374 Adukwu Chidera Favour MARKETING 375 Alfred Hope Christiana MARKETING 376 Alilionwu Lawrence Chiedozie MARKETING 377 Aloysius Emmanuel MARKETING 378 Amaefule Prince Uchenna MARKETING 379 Amarikwa Onyekachi Prince MARKETING 380 Amos Timiebiarimene MARKETING 381 Ayabowei Deborah Preye MARKETING 382 Ayakabowei Victor Peter MARKETING 383 Bamiekumo Esther Oyinmiebi MARKETING 384 Biriabebe Eniye Victoria MARKETING 385 Charles Ibiene Emmanuella MARKETING 386 Chukwu Nathaniel MARKETING 387 David Enenimiete Mercy MARKETING 388 Edah Precious MARKETING 389 Edijana Sonia Ochukuogene MARKETING 390 Emmanuel Onduepre Zipamone MARKETING 391 Epidicumo Kathryn Tokere MARKETING 392 Eucheria Chigozie Ibe MARKETING 393 Ezeigbo Kelechi Glory MARKETING 394 Finaty Florina MARKETING 395 Ganrenyei Edesemi MARKETING 396 George Ikiomoebimote MARKETING 397 Gift Junior Idundun MARKETING 398 Grace Ogugubeni MARKETING 399 Harrison Collins MARKETING 400 Iyiegbu Mercy Amarachi MARKETING 401 Jeremiah Praise Bomo MARKETING 402 Joel Izibegilikume Blessing MARKETING 403 Jonathan Esther Azibanyenami MARKETING 404 Mac-Moses Thankgod Alabo MARKETING 405 Matein Richard MARKETING 406 Mbamalu Maryjane Ugochi MARKETING 407 Mesona Joshua Iruo MARKETING 408 Micah Winifred W MARKETING 409 Michael Etorzataziba MARKETING 410 Michael Evans MARKETING 411 Ndinyelum Christian Ebuka MARKETING 412 Nwanosike David Awunrika MARKETING 413 Obi Micheal Ikechukwu MARKETING 414 Odoemena Anthony Oluebube MARKETING 415 Ogbano Ejovwoke Angela MARKETING 416 Ogboji Gloria Ogwa MARKETING 417 Ogbu Hope Ithirako MARKETING 418 Ogundimu Faith Victoria MARKETING 419 Ojoko Ebifamini MARKETING 420 Okeke Chidubem Emmanuel MARKETING 421 Okeya Iruoghene Shedrack MARKETING 422 Okon Willams Philip MARKETING 423 Okpu Totenor John MARKETING 424 Oloye Kelvin Tuboukebodonye MARKETING 425 Omokuru Omamakpe Jeffrey MARKETING 426 Omoyele Blessing Simidele MARKETING 427 Onoseme Oyoma Louisa MARKETING 428 Osain Anita Felix MARKETING 429 Ottah Destiny Victor MARKETING 430 Otuma Endurance Ebitei MARKETING 431 Owota Gloria Tamarabrakemi MARKETING 432 Prince C Samuel MARKETING 433 Pullah Agatha Faith MARKETING 434 Sambo Permanent MARKETING 435 Samuel Tamunokuro MARKETING 436 Saniyigha Peter Miesegha MARKETING 437 Semion Juliet Zeta MARKETING 438 Semiteje Oghenero MARKETING 439 Shaibu Destiny Omonigho MARKETING 440 Simeon Numoipre Naomi MARKETING 441 Sunday Emmanuel Princeple MARKETING 442 Sunday Vincent MARKETING 443 Teye Ogheneyerovwo Abina MARKETING 444 Ugboji Susan Henry MARKETING 445 Unuovoraye Martins MARKETING 446 Wari Enatimi Happiness MARKETING 447 Wilcox Onyimaziba Ogbogbo MARKETING 448 Wilfred Tarilayefa Gift MARKETING 449 Williams Inabiriyai Sinte MARKETING 450 Wilmot Peremobowei Gospel MARKETING 451 Zarah Kubi MARKETING 452 Zuokumor Tafawa Bennerd MARKETING FACULTY OF SCIENCE S/N NAME DEPARTMENT 1 Adeyanju Opeyemi Odunayo BIOCHEMISTRY 2 Agina Ijeoma Veronica BIOCHEMISTRY 3 Agom Favour Anokam BIOCHEMISTRY 4 Akabuike Chinemelum Gideon BIOCHEMISTRY 5 Akpoguare Daniel D BIOCHEMISTRY 6 Akpotu Oyeins Stella BIOCHEMISTRY 7 Albert Miracle Chukwuemeke BIOCHEMISTRY 8 Alfred Goodness Onyedikachi BIOCHEMISTRY 9 Alisigwe Crystabel Chimaolu BIOCHEMISTRY 10 Amadi Ogazile Vincent BIOCHEMISTRY 11 Amah Onyenaturuchi Stephen BIOCHEMISTRY 12 Anolia Rosemary Ngozi BIOCHEMISTRY 13 Anulobi Donald Akachukwu BIOCHEMISTRY 14 Atanmokun Anuoluwaposi Esther BIOCHEMISTRY 15 Bakwunye Favour Kidochukwu BIOCHEMISTRY 16 Balogun Imisi Fortunate BIOCHEMISTRY 17 Bareyei Jeremiah Tamaraumiebi BIOCHEMISTRY 18 Bashir Rohana Folake BIOCHEMISTRY 19 Benabigha Bubblyn Epidiprekumor BIOCHEMISTRY 20 Benjamin Shekinah Ebube BIOCHEMISTRY 21 Bisong Jessica Okie BIOCHEMISTRY 22 Bitrus Ladi BIOCHEMISTRY 23 Charles Favour Tochi BIOCHEMISTRY 24 Chibundu Chiemerie Frank BIOCHEMISTRY 25 Chigemecha Uzorchi Prisca BIOCHEMISTRY 26 Chikezie Ugochkwu Gideon BIOCHEMISTRY 27 Chilaka Chidera Emelda BIOCHEMISTRY 28 Chukwudorue Chidinma BIOCHEMISTRY 29 Chukwuma Faith Chizoba BIOCHEMISTRY 30 Chukwuma Jennifer Chioma BIOCHEMISTRY 31 Chukwuma Wisdom Ifeanyi BIOCHEMISTRY 32 Confidence Chinenye Agbasoga BIOCHEMISTRY 33 Cyril Chisom Joy BIOCHEMISTRY 34 Dangosu Ifiatazibola Gadia BIOCHEMISTRY 35 Daniel Sokeiprim Asiemiea BIOCHEMISTRY 36 Daramola Ayomide Israel BIOCHEMISTRY 37 David Ayomide Janet BIOCHEMISTRY 38 Davies Ibilolia Favour BIOCHEMISTRY 39 Deme Portia Tywhyte BIOCHEMISTRY 40 Denkumo Happiness Tariere BIOCHEMISTRY 41 Dick Maxwell Chinua BIOCHEMISTRY 42 Dickson Mercy Barasinopre BIOCHEMISTRY 43 Ebere Promise BIOCHEMISTRY 44 Ebinum Chukwuemeka Kennedy BIOCHEMISTRY 45 Eboborobo Oghenevwede Stella BIOCHEMISTRY 46 Echa Clement Ekangka BIOCHEMISTRY 47 Edaferuake Joel BIOCHEMISTRY 48 Edoja Simi Esther BIOCHEMISTRY 49 Eduviere Silas Ochuko BIOCHEMISTRY 50 Efobi Onyedikachi Chiagoziem BIOCHEMISTRY 51 Egba Joshua Azibaolanami BIOCHEMISTRY 52 Egbo Bighemebebi Loveday BIOCHEMISTRY 53 Ejiofor Onyinye Chinecherem BIOCHEMISTRY 54 Eke Faith C BIOCHEMISTRY 55 Ekechi Ginika Esther BIOCHEMISTRY 56 Ekpo Confidence Inferditem BIOCHEMISTRY 57 Emmanuel Faith Dara BIOCHEMISTRY 58 Emokpaire Faith Olohijie BIOCHEMISTRY 59 Enebeli Clevan Chioma BIOCHEMISTRY 60 Eric Ezonebi BIOCHEMISTRY 61 Ero-Uwagie Joy Osareme BIOCHEMISTRY 62 Eruemulor Cornelius Chibuzor BIOCHEMISTRY 63 Esemuede Joseph Osahenrumwen BIOCHEMISTRY 64 Faloye Omolola Funmilayo BIOCHEMISTRY 65 Festus Merit Obi BIOCHEMISTRY 66 Gangharede Dimie Godsday BIOCHEMISTRY 67 Gankon Joy Kuyet BIOCHEMISTRY 68 Goodluck Recent Ayibaprede BIOCHEMISTRY 69 Goodluck Ruth Etoyataziba BIOCHEMISTRY 70 Hector Ebitimi BIOCHEMISTRY 71 Ibeakor Anthonia Nkiruka BIOCHEMISTRY 72 Igbokwe Chidera Eustace BIOCHEMISTRY 73 Ikpibor Anita BIOCHEMISTRY 74 Ikponmwoba Ekinadose Favour BIOCHEMISTRY 75 Iloma Oluchi Uju BIOCHEMISTRY 76 Imarhia Rachel Osum BIOCHEMISTRY 77 Imeh Margret Okon BIOCHEMISTRY 78 Iprikumo Alaere Margaret BIOCHEMISTRY 79 Ituma God’Stime Nadari BIOCHEMISTRY 80 Ivuerah Godstime BIOCHEMISTRY 81 John Victory Chidera BIOCHEMISTRY 82 John Watchful BIOCHEMISTRY 83 Kalsuo Ndutimi Doupere BIOCHEMISTRY 84 Koki Mabel Friday BIOCHEMISTRY 85 Maccarthy Onizibefien Dick BIOCHEMISTRY 86 Madubike Cynthia Chidubem BIOCHEMISTRY 87 Mariere Oghenetejiri BIOCHEMISTRY 88 Nkpogone Samuel Barinuadum BIOCHEMISTRY 89 Nnadozie Amaka Deborah BIOCHEMISTRY 90 Nnamchi Chidiogo Angela BIOCHEMISTRY 91 Nupe Happiness Ebiaremere BIOCHEMISTRY 92 Nwankwo Benedicta Ifunanya BIOCHEMISTRY 93 Nworie Monday Yuppy BIOCHEMISTRY 94 Obele Eze Cynthia BIOCHEMISTRY 95 Obinna Confidence Echidimma BIOCHEMISTRY 96 Obulum Edith Chinenye BIOCHEMISTRY 97 Obunadike Arinze Chiemerie BIOCHEMISTRY 98 Odiowei Ebiere Freda BIOCHEMISTRY 99 Ogbo Jesse Ogheneyome BIOCHEMISTRY 100 Ogbonna Theophilus Ugochukwu BIOCHEMISTRY 101 Ogbuanu Cherish Enyioma BIOCHEMISTRY 102 Oghenekevwe Macbeth Oreva BIOCHEMISTRY 103 Ogoke Emmanuela Chidinma BIOCHEMISTRY 104 Ogolodi James Douglas BIOCHEMISTRY 105 Ogon Adulphus Obon BIOCHEMISTRY 106 Okafor Chisom Henry BIOCHEMISTRY 107 Okechukwu Mary Nneoma BIOCHEMISTRY 108 Okeleghel Wisdom Sunday BIOCHEMISTRY 109 Okere Chimmuanya Nnamdi BIOCHEMISTRY 110 Okorare Justin Avwerosuoghene BIOCHEMISTRY 111 Okoro Obinnaya BIOCHEMISTRY 112 Okpara Chukwudi Samuel BIOCHEMISTRY 113 Okumo Emeada Oghenekome BIOCHEMISTRY 114 Omoarelojie Faith Onolunosen BIOCHEMISTRY 115 Omohimuaria Precious BIOCHEMISTRY 116 Omorogieva Blessing BIOCHEMISTRY 117 Omoruyi Osarieme I BIOCHEMISTRY 118 Onuzuruike Chimaobi Fidelis BIOCHEMISTRY 119 Onwudiwe Chioma Maryann BIOCHEMISTRY 120 Onyah Ebele Blessing BIOCHEMISTRY 121 Oparaeke Augustine Chijioke BIOCHEMISTRY 122 Oru Pretty Africanus BIOCHEMISTRY 123 Orubo Gladys Thomas BIOCHEMISTRY 124 Osadebe Samson C BIOCHEMISTRY 125 Osia Jennifer Ngozi BIOCHEMISTRY 126 Otazi Blessing Richard BIOCHEMISTRY 127 Oyeniyi Fatimah Opeyemi BIOCHEMISTRY 128 Paul-Dike Prudence Chimela BIOCHEMISTRY 129 Paulinus Miraclesylvia Somtochukwu BIOCHEMISTRY 130 Pius Confidence Ikwe BIOCHEMISTRY 131 Raymond Millicent BIOCHEMISTRY 132 Sabastine Jane Chinyere BIOCHEMISTRY 133 Sambo Ariwitebhari Josephine BIOCHEMISTRY 134 Sammy-Boy Solar BIOCHEMISTRY 135 Samson Biobelemoye Happiness BIOCHEMISTRY 136 Stephen Kelvin Ameka BIOCHEMISTRY 137 Sunday Rejoice BIOCHEMISTRY 138 Thelma Nwokocha Chukwudinma BIOCHEMISTRY 139 Thomas Azibabhirayam Martha BIOCHEMISTRY 140 Tom Isaduvie BIOCHEMISTRY 141 Tomikeimieye Treasure Ngowari BIOCHEMISTRY 142 Tom-West Mabel Nathan BIOCHEMISTRY 143 Tulagha Pereila Ebiowei BIOCHEMISTRY 144 Ubadinma Esther Onyinyechi BIOCHEMISTRY 145 Uchejim Onyeka BIOCHEMISTRY 146 Ugoezi Martins Chimaobi BIOCHEMISTRY 147 Uroko Chijioke Malachy BIOCHEMISTRY 148 Usiwo Salvation BIOCHEMISTRY 149 Utobivwin Ebruvwiyo Blessing BIOCHEMISTRY 150 Yelebe Favour Kunde BIOCHEMISTRY 151 Adewoyin Bolanle Justinah BIOLOGY 152 Agbeyegbe Rita Naomi BIOLOGY 153 Agidigbi Gladys Nkem BIOLOGY 154 Ajibade Yinka Abdulafeez BIOLOGY 155 Akpedafe Evelyn Eguono BIOLOGY 156 Akpeghughu Ufuoma BIOLOGY 157 Akpoetiyi Judith Ejiromedoghene BIOLOGY 158 Allison Christian Azibaswari BIOLOGY 159 Amangi Miza Alfred BIOLOGY 160 Ambakederemo Blessing T BIOLOGY 161 Amita Blessing Orire BIOLOGY 162 Amos Preye Matilda BIOLOGY 163 Andrew Diseye BIOLOGY 164 Anozie Chukwuemeka Innocent BIOLOGY 165 Anthony Makera Igisi BIOLOGY 166 Anyanwu Chikaodi Chinaemerem BIOLOGY 167 Anyanwu Gloria Chinagorom BIOLOGY 168 Appah Blessing Tari-Ere BIOLOGY 169 Austine Chioma Favour BIOLOGY 170 Avwoke Obruocheoghene Courage BIOLOGY 171 Awudum Sophia Alexander BIOLOGY 172 Ayaowei Ferdinard Ebiok BIOLOGY 173 Ayogu Marysanctus Ukamaka BIOLOGY 174 Azugo Oghenetejiri Marvelous BIOLOGY 175 Bede Paulinus Paulinus BIOLOGY 176 Bribena Sunny BIOLOGY 177 Chibueze Serah Chinyere BIOLOGY 178 Chukwuka Jacintha BIOLOGY 179 Dada Dorcas Ayomide BIOLOGY 180 Daniel Jennifer BIOLOGY 181 Daramola Ebenezer Ayodele BIOLOGY 182 David Stephanie Tamaratare BIOLOGY 183 Deinanaghan Dennis Bruno BIOLOGY 184 Diei Uche Joshua BIOLOGY 185 Dike Ogochukwu Cynthia BIOLOGY 186 Diyana Ismeal Yousuo BIOLOGY 187 Djegbe Favour Oghenebrorhie BIOLOGY 188 Dressman Ebiotubo Rejoice BIOLOGY 189 Ebikeiniye O Profit BIOLOGY 190 Ebikeme Tonbra Promise BIOLOGY 191 Ebili Benjamin Ojotumale BIOLOGY 192 Edevwie Tega BIOLOGY 193 Edmundson Jeremiah Dagogo BIOLOGY 194 Edochie Mmesoma Joy BIOLOGY 195 Edwin Emmanuella Delphina BIOLOGY 196 Egba Gladys Awudumapu BIOLOGY 197 Egedegbe Blessing Okeoghene BIOLOGY 198 Egemuze Rejoice Justin BIOLOGY 199 Egudah Rita Ekeojoduwah BIOLOGY 200 Ejiro Doghor BIOLOGY 201 Emmanuel Mary Ogochukwu BIOLOGY 202 Eneh Ifeanyi John BIOLOGY 203 Eneware Faith Miracle BIOLOGY 204 Eric Ebiema Okou BIOLOGY 205 Erivwo Marvellous BIOLOGY 206 Erorofioma Oghenetekevwe Samuel BIOLOGY 207 Eterigho Paul Prince BIOLOGY 208 Evan Oghenemaro Ighoruaye BIOLOGY 209 Eze Vivian Chioma BIOLOGY 210 Ezechukwu Chinaza BIOLOGY 211 Ezekiel Blessing Eqout BIOLOGY 212 Ezeolisa Jane Adaora BIOLOGY 213 Fekosufa Ebifie Simeon BIOLOGY 214 Francis Azibalaguayam Roselin BIOLOGY 215 Gangharede Owode Oyinkuro BIOLOGY 216 Godblessing Merit BIOLOGY 217 Goodnews Ebifuro BIOLOGY 218 Igba Henry Jd BIOLOGY 219 Igwebuike Favour Chizuterem BIOLOGY 220 Ijeh Henry Chukwumenim BIOLOGY 221 Iko Mofe Tracy BIOLOGY 222 Ikpaikpai Fortune BIOLOGY 223 Ini Ituen Peremoboere BIOLOGY 224 Inoru Lady Dickson BIOLOGY 225 Ipigansi Alebhontaziba Amos BIOLOGY 226 Irivwotu Emmanuel Oghenekparobo BIOLOGY 227 Isaac Miracle Ayibaemi BIOLOGY 228 Isaac Paulina BIOLOGY 229 Isukul Azibanye Abin BIOLOGY 230 James Ogheneruona Komeno BIOLOGY 231 Japhet Favour Tibiebi BIOLOGY 232 Jeremiah God’Sown Oyeinye BIOLOGY 233 Johnbull Doris Nkechi BIOLOGY 234 John-Kalu Mercy Eberechi BIOLOGY 235 Kelechi Nkechiyere Favour BIOLOGY 236 Mac-Moses Gift BIOLOGY 237 Mba Martins Chukwuemeka BIOLOGY 238 Mofunanya Success Ifeoma BIOLOGY 239 Monron Abraham Samaria BIOLOGY 240 Monye Joy Onyeme BIOLOGY 241 Nduba Ifeyinwa Whitney BIOLOGY 242 Newman Ebifetei Jesse BIOLOGY 243 Nimeze Mann Dickson BIOLOGY 244 Nkire Victoria Munachim BIOLOGY 245 Nnamani Ifeoma Mary BIOLOGY 246 Nwaizugbe Amarachi Sophia BIOLOGY 247 Nwakanma Joy Chiamaka BIOLOGY 248 Nwogba Kenneth Nwamini BIOLOGY 249 Obakimo Mercy BIOLOGY 250 Obinede Samuel Chibuzor BIOLOGY 251 Obodo Dorathy Robert BIOLOGY 252 Obor Jimmy Odee BIOLOGY 253 Odesa Favour BIOLOGY 254 Offoregbulam Favour Onyinyechi BIOLOGY 255 Ofoegbunam Anastesia Chidiebele BIOLOGY 256 Oginike Doubara Lante BIOLOGY 257 Ogola Oyinkuro BIOLOGY 258 Okechukwu Uchechukwu Marycynthia BIOLOGY 259 Okekumata Christabel BIOLOGY 260 Okere Matthew BIOLOGY 261 Okonkwo Chukwuebuka Fortunate BIOLOGY 262 Okoye Chioma Faustina BIOLOGY 263 Okoye Kelechi Francis BIOLOGY 264 Okpalaebulue Mmesoma Clare BIOLOGY 265 Okpowhorho Miracle Ediri BIOLOGY 266 Okpukpo Pleasant Williams BIOLOGY 267 Okwu Daniel Akachukwu BIOLOGY 268 Olamide Oluwafunke Hannah BIOLOGY 269 Olasibo Isaac Ogooluwa BIOLOGY 270 Olomo Doubara Victor BIOLOGY 271 Olusele Promise BIOLOGY 272 Omatsola Oritseweyinmi Joy BIOLOGY 273 Onefeli Ogochuku Purity BIOLOGY 274 Onovughakpor Kelly Chrysogonus BIOLOGY 275 Onu Radam BIOLOGY 276 Onuba Miracle Oluchukwu BIOLOGY 277 Onughe Famous Oke BIOLOGY 278 Onuoha Maximus Ifeanyi BIOLOGY 279 Onwuagbanusi Mary Chikwesiliotito BIOLOGY 280 Onwuazor Augustina Ifunanya BIOLOGY 281 Onyeakpa Chidiogo Debora BIOLOGY 282 Onyedika Favour M BIOLOGY 283 Orubebe Fundufa Precious BIOLOGY 284 Orubo Yibaekpeinine Thomas BIOLOGY 285 Osain Daniel Zaziba BIOLOGY 286 Osakwe Future BIOLOGY 287 Oshevire Oghenetejiri BIOLOGY 288 Osiebe Rita Avwerosoughene BIOLOGY 289 Ossom Utomobong Friday BIOLOGY 290 Oyoyo Goodbrain Ajuluchukwu BIOLOGY 291 Ozoemenam Jonathan Obinna BIOLOGY 292 Peter Azibaoladia Promise BIOLOGY 293 Peter Nkiruka Godsgoodness BIOLOGY 294 Prisca Chinonye Ukpabia BIOLOGY 295 Samson Victory Oghenebokparo BIOLOGY 296 Seibarugu Ibuomozi BIOLOGY 297 Seibidor Oyindoubra Emmanuella BIOLOGY 298 Simon God’Sfavour Chiamaka BIOLOGY 299 Temah Precious BIOLOGY 300 Timiopre Daughter Ebitei BIOLOGY 301 Uchenna Joseph Uzochukwu BIOLOGY 302 Ugbobor Elohor Mercy BIOLOGY 303 Ukrakpo Deborah Oghenekaro BIOLOGY 304 Umeh Chukwuemeka Olu BIOLOGY 305 Umeh Gold Oselumese BIOLOGY 306 Umeugo Chidumebi Nicole BIOLOGY 307 Umor Pamela Esther BIOLOGY 308 Urhuokpe Oghenevwede Sophia BIOLOGY 309 Uruejoma Esere Victory BIOLOGY 310 Useh Oghenevwoke BIOLOGY 311 Utubuakwu Ngozi Peace BIOLOGY 312 Waribugo Glory Eric BIOLOGY 313 Wisdom Angela Idigitorunokuma BIOLOGY 314 Zige Dengimo Emmanuel BIOLOGY 315 Agbogu Precious Esther CHEMISTRY 316 Aguokigbo Lotanna Augustine CHEMISTRY 317 Aguveso Oruaruoghene CHEMISTRY 318 Akachukwu Oluebubechukwu Grace CHEMISTRY 319 Alagor Precious Daberechi CHEMISTRY 320 Amaso Damiete Grace CHEMISTRY 321 Amekene Happiness Azibataram CHEMISTRY 322 Apolos Oghenerukevwe CHEMISTRY 323 Atuegbu Ifeanyichukwu Augustine CHEMISTRY 324 Awudum Rachael CHEMISTRY 325 Batowei Rachel Ebiemobo CHEMISTRY 326 Bekowie Kalango CHEMISTRY 327 Braide Noble Clement CHEMISTRY 328 Chidokwe Macanthony Ugochukwu CHEMISTRY 329 Chikodi Obigwe CHEMISTRY 330 Cliff Clinton Ikenna CHEMISTRY 331 Davidyalah Tarila Goodness CHEMISTRY 332 Dickson Isioma Gladys CHEMISTRY 333 Dike Thankgod Kelechi CHEMISTRY 334 Dokubo Ayebakuro Godpower CHEMISTRY 335 Duru Elvis Uzoamaka CHEMISTRY 336 Eberede Peremene Bright CHEMISTRY 337 Edah Sylvester CHEMISTRY 338 Edem Justin Anieti CHEMISTRY 339 Edward Victor Amaruwe CHEMISTRY 340 Ekpo Comfort Nse CHEMISTRY 341 Eleke Janet Oghogho CHEMISTRY 342 Emeghara Constance Chiamaka CHEMISTRY 343 Emekpe Oghenerukevwe CHEMISTRY 344 Esiaba Patrick Wisdom CHEMISTRY 345 Ewuruje Godstime Oke CHEMISTRY 346 Eyifoma Oluwaenebi Mavis CHEMISTRY 347 Ezeh Martins Makuochukwu CHEMISTRY 348 Ezenwoke Joy CHEMISTRY 349 Ezeohanu Chiemerie Ifunanya CHEMISTRY 350 Ezirike Chidubem Franklin CHEMISTRY 351 Ezugwu Sarah Amarachi CHEMISTRY 352 Freeman Precious Great CHEMISTRY 353 Gabriel Ghilanemaziba L CHEMISTRY 354 Godson Kingsley Walter CHEMISTRY 355 God’Swill Timbiri Daniel CHEMISTRY 356 Idenyi Chibuike Daniel CHEMISTRY 357 Ijeoma Chukwuemeka Anthony CHEMISTRY 358 Ikeogu Chukwujekwu Joshua CHEMISTRY 359 Izibefien Destiny Ibah CHEMISTRY 360 Jonathan Promise Onyedikachi CHEMISTRY 361 Kalu Blessing Chukwuemeka CHEMISTRY 362 Kelvin Oweika Ebipadei CHEMISTRY 363 Maduka Victor Justice CHEMISTRY 364 Matthew Sophia Emeka CHEMISTRY 365 Mmoneke Desmod Clatus CHEMISTRY 366 Monday Godswill Adonye CHEMISTRY 367 Ngozi Solomon Enyinnaya CHEMISTRY 368 Nnabuihe Victor Emmanuel CHEMISTRY 369 Nnado Mmesoma Judith CHEMISTRY 370 Nwizu Chinecherem Evangel CHEMISTRY 371 Nwudo Favour Uchechuwku. CHEMISTRY 372 Obiukwu Uchechi Jennifer CHEMISTRY 373 Obuonye Esther Ijeoma CHEMISTRY 374 Offurugbo Ebimobowei Kingsley CHEMISTRY 375 Ohuabunwa Chinemerem Marybernadette CHEMISTRY 376 Okafor Ifeanyi Michael CHEMISTRY 377 Okechukwu Loveth Ifunanya CHEMISTRY 378 Okenwa Ifeoma Stella CHEMISTRY 379 Okoro Chijindu CHEMISTRY 380 Okoronkwo Titus Nnamdi CHEMISTRY 381 Okotori David Toubolayefa CHEMISTRY 382 Okoujabhole Emmanuel CHEMISTRY 383 Okoye Paschal Ikechukwu CHEMISTRY 384 Onu Christopher Ikechukwu CHEMISTRY 385 Onwughalu Chinedu Casmir CHEMISTRY 386 Onyebuchi Gideon Chinecherem CHEMISTRY 387 Onyekwere Bright CHEMISTRY 388 Onyekwere Clinton Ezenwa CHEMISTRY 389 Onyewuchi Miracle Oluebube CHEMISTRY 390 Onyia Jude Chiadikaobi CHEMISTRY 391 Osinam Stephanie Raluchukwu CHEMISTRY 392 Ossai Prescillia Nwadimma CHEMISTRY 393 Otobo Jacob Kemepanipre CHEMISTRY 394 Otubu Oghenevwede Ruona CHEMISTRY 395 Ovakporie Favour Okeoghene CHEMISTRY 396 Paul Alfred CHEMISTRY 397 Tamaman Adiokopeba Okoto CHEMISTRY 398 Ufondu Nancy Obianuju CHEMISTRY 399 Ufoo Chinonso Jacob CHEMISTRY 400 Umoh Nsikak Alexius CHEMISTRY 401 Unachukwu Sandra Favour CHEMISTRY 402 Unaigwe Ogechukwu Promise CHEMISTRY 403 Vincent Ayebatonye Precious CHEMISTRY 404 Abobo Akpevwe Brayant COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 405 Adanyi Ojotule Barnabas COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 406 Adenaiye David Ayomide-Tokoni COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 407 Adigun Samuel Akinkunmi COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 408 Agbuko Ebiosuo Pascal COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 409 Agoro Abome Saviour COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 410 Ajagbe Prince Bogomo COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 411 Ajileye Esther Olayinka COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 412 Akabike Chinaza M COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 413 Akindayini Solomon Oluwasegun COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 414 Akpoka Anthony Eromosele COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 415 Akwayo Elisha Abraham COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 416 Alagoa Alex Biobelemo COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 417 Alphonsus Ekemini Mac-Sunny COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 418 Amadon Favour Keniwenimo COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 419 Aniefiok Fabian COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 420 Attih Daniel Etim COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 421 Ayabowei Ebifiye David COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 422 Azia Ewonu Febian COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 423 Bennard Fortune Okhumende COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 424 Berezi Justice Dipamonipre COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 425 Chijioke Michael Chimaobi COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 426 Clarkson Kemepadei COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 427 Cliford Ayebaiduate COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 428 Clinton Victor Korubo COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 429 Dagogo Sunny COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 430 Daniel Achema COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 431 Daniel Allison Ayebawanaime COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 432 Daniel Franklin Azibacabioni COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 433 Digifa Steven Jimmy COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 434 Dike Abigail Somukieni COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 435 Dike Emeka Endurance COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 436 Djande Hassan COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 437 Dobri Oghenevwairhe Christopher COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 438 Edom Mercy Akpang COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 439 Egbuson Chidera Cynthia COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 440 Ejeh Barnabas Ugbede COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 441 Ekadi Precious Bryan COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 442 Ekeh Prince Chukwuebuka COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 443 Ekpefa Ahmed Abiye COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 444 Ekperi Famous Oyinkuro COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 445 Emmanuel Pama Orevaoghene COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 446 Enakevwerhe Efe Darlington COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 447 Engotan Yerimene Joshua COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 448 Enoch Success Augustine COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 449 Erike Justice COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 450 Eriomala Rukevwe Tamaralayefa COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 451 Ernest Inoebinimi COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 452 Esajumi Goodness COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 453 Eziefula Shalom Chimeremeze COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 454 Fagbo Emmanuel Oluwatobi COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 455 Felagha Omiete COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 456 Frank Isaac Junior COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 457 Gagariga Samuel Silver COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 458 Gibson Godstime Tamunopekere COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 459 Gilbert Gilbert Sampson COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 460 Godswill Obomanu COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 461 Godwin Godwin Okon COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 462 Hansford Muna Richford COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 463 Henry-uzor Okeoghene COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 464 Humphery Justice C COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 465 Igbokwe Winifred I COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 466 Ighowharia Great COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 467 Igoniderigha Precious Anderson COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 468 Ikegbunam Udokike Daniel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 469 Ikhine Emmanuel Onuwabhagbe COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 470 Ikoli Peace COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 471 Ilaya Goodluck COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 472 Ilaya Goodness COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 473 Ile Okulovie Joshua COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 474 Imafidon Marcus COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 475 Imbiakpa Jeremiah Freeman COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 476 Jack Shaddai Moses COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 477 Jacob Eajekewie James COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 478 James Thankgod COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 479 Jemeni Chidera Clinton COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 480 Jeremiah Jonathan Nimibofa COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 481 Jerry Possible COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 482 John-Tuwei Fabopregha Thankgod COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 483 Jordan Victor Ebimobowei COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 484 Julius Abiye David COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 485 Julius Iminibi COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 486 Kalu Prosper Okwumdirichukwu COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 487 Kojo Ebikabo-Ere Favour COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 488 Kpedi Nyerovwo Ezekiel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 489 Kroseide Kingdom Timitemeoweipere COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 490 Leechi Chisom Emmanuel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 491 London Felix Daniel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 492 Madukwe Chibueze Shalom COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 493 Mbachu Innocent Chukwuemeka COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 494 Messiah Kakabari Nwibere COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 495 Momodu James COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 496 Mosindi Akamagwuna Chibuike COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 497 Mukoro Ediriverere Monica COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 498 Musa Abiola Abdulbakiyu COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 499 Nengiye Handsome Pagabie COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 500 Ngwu Divine-Favour Sonia COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 501 Nlerum Rapture Chineme COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 502 Nmalada Chukuyenumugo Goodness COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 503 Nwachukwu Chibueze Samuel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 504 Nweke Anthony Rapuluchuwku COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 505 Nwuba Silas Chukwuebuka COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 506 Nzeakor Emmanuel Onyekachukwu COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 507 Oba Salvation COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 508 Obi Mary Ada COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 509 Obilo-Josiah Olivia Chisom COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 510 Obioha Chidinma Jessica COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 511 Obite Emmanuel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 512 Odih Joy Ifeanyi COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 513 Odoh Chinedum Emmanuel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 514 Odukuye Efemena Michael COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 515 Odumgba Emmanuel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 516 Ogbemudje Precious Ese COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 517 Ogbodo Monday Andrew COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 518 Ogbonna Emmanuel Valentine COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 519 Oghenekaro Pearl Oghenetega COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 520 Oghenemaro Ofurie COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 521 Ogiemudia Richy Osarumwense COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 522 Ogular Tammy Tamararaebi COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 523 Ogunmakinde Omobolanle Omolara COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 524 Oje Gideon Oje COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 525 Ojeabulu Edmund O COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 526 Oji Emeke Lewis COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 527 Ojigbare Excel Oyinemi COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 528 Ojudume A Christopher COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 529 Okalla Elvis Ugochukwu COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 530 Okaniba Azibaobolotasi Nelson COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 531 Okeke Chiemerie Divine COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 532 Okere Gabriel Reward COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 533 Okoro Marvellous Orunchukwu COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 534 Okpala Emmanuel Eche COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 535 Okpor David Ovie COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 536 Okpu Solomon Lawrence COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 537 Okwudibonye Joshua Onyelukachukwu COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 538 Ominabo Onukotia Wisdom COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 539 Onah Peter Chisom COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 540 Onajite Alex Ruona COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 541 Onyegwani Azuka Prince COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 542 Onyema Chinedu COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 543 Onyenuforo Marvelous Mmesoma COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 544 Osigba Kelvin Emuejevoke COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 545 Otuonye Angel Chioma COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 546 Oviemuno Wisdom Ajiri-Oghene COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 547 Ovoderoye Allen Atanure COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 548 Ovri Sofia Oghenefejiro COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 549 Owei Doite Daniel COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 550 Oweiagba Blessing Ineye COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 551 Oweikeme Miebi Dickson COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 552 Owhoro Oreva Unique COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 553 Oyibo Joseph Oki COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 554 Pudei Georgewill John COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 555 Quickpenny Mirand Worthy COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 556 Riman John Riman COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 557 Sagbamaowei Joshua COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 558 Smith Ebiakpo COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 559 Stanley Friday Briggs COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 560 Suega Orfega Clifford COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 561 Tom Emem Pius COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 562 Tulagha Bubaraye COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 563 Uboh Ezekiel Imabong COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 564 Udo-Iloma Raphael Iyuemame COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 565 Uhegbu Ogechi Juliet COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 566 Ukwute Francis COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 567 Unity Ugboko Godgift COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 568 Uwah Imoh Iniobong COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 569 Yusuf Esther Gloria COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATICS 570 Abriku David MATHEMATICS 571 Afesuku Godspower Peremobowei MATHEMATICS 572 Agboro Jeffrey Joseph MATHEMATICS 573 Akinwumi Olaide Anthony MATHEMATICS 574 Alagba Diepreye MATHEMATICS 575 Anieze Anthony Arinze MATHEMATICS 576 Benjamin Prince MATHEMATICS 577 Charles Egbo Green MATHEMATICS 578 Daramola Oluwasanmi Favour MATHEMATICS 579 Dike Conqueror Iruchukwu MATHEMATICS 580 Edozieunor Okechukwu Innocent MATHEMATICS 581 Ejimofor Ebuka Paschal MATHEMATICS 582 Ekeh Chinenye MATHEMATICS 583 Ememem Praise Ekerete MATHEMATICS 584 Epelle Uchenna Magnus MATHEMATICS 585 Ereh Christian MATHEMATICS 586 Ezechukwu Nnamdi Chibuikem MATHEMATICS 587 Ezeoffor Chukwueloka Peace MATHEMATICS 588 Fatokun Abdulroqib Oluwatobiloba MATHEMATICS 589 German Victoria Woyengimiebi MATHEMATICS 590 Igirigi Godbless Miracle MATHEMATICS 591 Igwe Isaac L MATHEMATICS 592 Ijeomah Joseph Ifeakachukwu MATHEMATICS 593 Ike Mieyebi David MATHEMATICS 594 Imhanrulafe Joshua MATHEMATICS 595 Kobina Festus Datariowei MATHEMATICS 596 Mathew Lucky Kelechi MATHEMATICS 597 Mbonu Vincent Ugochukwu MATHEMATICS 598 Michael James MATHEMATICS 599 Obuali Zemonovie MATHEMATICS 600 Okonjor Chukwuweike Valentine MATHEMATICS 601 Okoro Victory Chukwuebuka MATHEMATICS 602 Oyakemeagbegha Michael MATHEMATICS 603 Ozoemenam Chinomso Daniel MATHEMATICS 604 Samuel Nicholas Ikoro MATHEMATICS 605 Sele Ayebatonyeseigha MATHEMATICS 606 Trakiriowei Joseph Tombra MATHEMATICS 607 Tulagha Ibuomonebi MATHEMATICS 608 Ugochukwu Chikwado Solomon MATHEMATICS 609 Zauyei Miracle Ebimobowei MATHEMATICS 610 Adeniran Razaq MICROBIOLOGY 611 Adeniyi Oluwatosin Joseph MICROBIOLOGY 612 Afamefuna Anthony Awoke MICROBIOLOGY 613 Afonaye Owumi Irene MICROBIOLOGY 614 Agbaje Oluwatoyin Chiamaka MICROBIOLOGY 615 Agbo Nelson Divine MICROBIOLOGY 616 Ajose Oghenekaro Olayinka MICROBIOLOGY 617 Akabuike Chinaza Irene MICROBIOLOGY 618 Akani Sochi Nmecha MICROBIOLOGY 619 Akannoh Ezinne Lilian MICROBIOLOGY 620 Akpan Etido Samuel MICROBIOLOGY 621 Alaoma Theophilia. Kasarachi MICROBIOLOGY 622 Alfred Brian Tanthor MICROBIOLOGY 623 Anaeki Ifedili Linus MICROBIOLOGY 624 Anda Ebitonmor MICROBIOLOGY 625 Anyadike Ebubechukwu Nmesoma MICROBIOLOGY 626 Apelehin Becky MICROBIOLOGY 627 Ase Jerry Oghenetega MICROBIOLOGY 628 Asuku Biodomoye Goodluck MICROBIOLOGY 629 Atabu Oghenemine Freedom MICROBIOLOGY 630 Atu-Okoye Kosisochukwu Adaobi MICROBIOLOGY 631 Awe Priscilla Wonuola MICROBIOLOGY 632 Awuzie Faith Chinonye MICROBIOLOGY 633 Ayawei Izeidoughe MICROBIOLOGY 634 Ayinnomi Esther Omolara MICROBIOLOGY 635 Ben Godday MICROBIOLOGY 636 Benson Rachael Yakizibe MICROBIOLOGY 637 Bikom Laura Busa MICROBIOLOGY 638 Braide Soibi Hilda MICROBIOLOGY 639 Captain Happiness Bulomile MICROBIOLOGY 640 Cardoso Ajoke Anuoluwapo MICROBIOLOGY 641 Chukwu Chinaecherem Precious MICROBIOLOGY 642 Chukwunagor Uzoma Jane MICROBIOLOGY 643 David Gabriel Favour MICROBIOLOGY 644 Deeyor Golden Meelubari MICROBIOLOGY 645 Dike Hycienth Salvation MICROBIOLOGY 646 Dike Izuma Vivian MICROBIOLOGY 647 Dominic Gift Sunday MICROBIOLOGY 648 Ebekozien Donald Peter MICROBIOLOGY 649 Eboagwu Chinedu Utsoritselaju MICROBIOLOGY 650 Edidor Okwuchukwu Grace MICROBIOLOGY 651 Egemba Chineye Goodsuccess MICROBIOLOGY 652 Ejiofor Emmanuel Tobechi MICROBIOLOGY 653 Ekong Fatima Barong MICROBIOLOGY 654 Elkanah Edet Usodo MICROBIOLOGY 655 Emefiele Onyeluche Famous MICROBIOLOGY 656 Emmanuel Blessing MICROBIOLOGY 657 Emmanuel Favour Oluchi MICROBIOLOGY 658 Emmanuel Rebecca MICROBIOLOGY 659 Epebifie Tamarauseri Treasure MICROBIOLOGY 660 Ereama Confidence Chinemerem MICROBIOLOGY 661 Erechovwe Courage MICROBIOLOGY 662 Esetewe Ogagaoghene Barnabas MICROBIOLOGY 663 Etta Mary Banku MICROBIOLOGY 664 Ewulum Ginikachukwu Emmanuella MICROBIOLOGY 665 Eze Nice Chiamaka MICROBIOLOGY 666 Ezeanyika Chineze Sarah MICROBIOLOGY 667 Ezebuiro David Chukwuemeka MICROBIOLOGY 668 Ezedimora Hilda Chinecherem MICROBIOLOGY 669 Ezenwa Precious Oluebube MICROBIOLOGY 670 Faafa Tariye Peresindo MICROBIOLOGY 671 Felix Favour MICROBIOLOGY 672 Festus Dumeze MICROBIOLOGY 673 Gad Celestina Zephaniah MICROBIOLOGY 674 God’Spower Okoboere Happiness MICROBIOLOGY 675 Goodnews Kate Agbori MICROBIOLOGY 676 Graham Douglas Loliya MICROBIOLOGY 677 Harliquin Iyalla Blessing MICROBIOLOGY 678 Heziks Chimemerie Precious MICROBIOLOGY 679 Ibhe Michael David MICROBIOLOGY 680 Ikwuka Paschal Chinedu MICROBIOLOGY 681 Imagbero Kelvin MICROBIOLOGY 682 Iruo Angela Tonari MICROBIOLOGY 683 Isaiah Progress Endurance MICROBIOLOGY 684 Iyo Boma MICROBIOLOGY 685 Jeremiah Victor Lawson MICROBIOLOGY 686 Job Leyebhari Aziba-Odusi MICROBIOLOGY 687 John Divine-Achiever Nengi MICROBIOLOGY 688 Joseph Mercy Ogon MICROBIOLOGY 689 Joyful Angela MICROBIOLOGY 690 Koru Elsie Tari MICROBIOLOGY 691 Kpakpa Catherine Barinenwin MICROBIOLOGY 692 Lawson Bliss Sarima MICROBIOLOGY 693 Masa Daniel Woyengi-Miebi MICROBIOLOGY 694 Mbuonye Goodnews Ozioma MICROBIOLOGY 695 Michael Emmanuel Uffot MICROBIOLOGY 696 Mohammed Fatimoh Sunmibola MICROBIOLOGY 697 Monday Ifeanyi Great MICROBIOLOGY 698 Moses Kakuubari Vivian MICROBIOLOGY 699 Nduagu Onyinyechi Diana MICROBIOLOGY 700 Nduba Ifunanya Wendy MICROBIOLOGY 701 Nku Agnes Kijie MICROBIOLOGY 702 Nnadi Ifechukwu Vivian MICROBIOLOGY 703 Nnamezie Millicent Abumc MICROBIOLOGY 704 Numoghoteite Patrick MICROBIOLOGY 705 Nwakanma Emmanuel Chukwumaobi MICROBIOLOGY 706 Nwangele Ugochi Cynthia MICROBIOLOGY 707 Nwankpa Ugochi Delight MICROBIOLOGY 708 Nwankwo Blessing Chisom MICROBIOLOGY 709 Nwankwo Prince Somtoo MICROBIOLOGY 710 Nwankwo Theodocia MICROBIOLOGY 711 Nwaosa Awellenka Wonderful MICROBIOLOGY 712 Nweke Goodness Chinaza MICROBIOLOGY 713 Obi Precious Uchechukwu MICROBIOLOGY 714 Obilo Eric Otuadodi MICROBIOLOGY 715 Odighonin Indokubo Edoghotu MICROBIOLOGY 716 Odum Gloria Awele MICROBIOLOGY 717 Ofem-Otu Mercy Linda MICROBIOLOGY 718 Ofodeze Chukwuebuka Miracle MICROBIOLOGY 719 Ofokansi Uche Lillian MICROBIOLOGY 720 Ogah Jennifer Victoria MICROBIOLOGY 721 Ogamde Kelvin Chukwuebuka MICROBIOLOGY 722 Ogbogbo Shaniah Ogheneyole MICROBIOLOGY 723 Ogbonna Prudence Ogechi MICROBIOLOGY 724 Oghenefega Isaiah G MICROBIOLOGY 725 Ogon Ogilizibe MICROBIOLOGY 726 Ohanyelu Nzubechukwu Gospel MICROBIOLOGY 727 Ohanyere Innocent Chukwuemelie MICROBIOLOGY 728 Ojoko Abimbola Esther MICROBIOLOGY 729 Ojotu Samuel Ugbedeojo MICROBIOLOGY 730 Ojukwu Caleb Ugo MICROBIOLOGY 731 Okeke Mmesoma Maryann MICROBIOLOGY 732 Okeke Somto Promise MICROBIOLOGY 733 Okoli Beatrice Oluchukwu MICROBIOLOGY 734 Okoligwe Chidinma Francess MICROBIOLOGY 735 Okoro Isreal Kalu MICROBIOLOGY 736 Okoye Emmanuel Chukwuemeka MICROBIOLOGY 737 Okpara Glory Chinaza MICROBIOLOGY 738 Okpokpo Saviour Nnamdi MICROBIOLOGY 739 Okwara Emmanuella Chikamma MICROBIOLOGY 740 Oli Chukwuemeka Kingsley MICROBIOLOGY 741 Olukunle Michael MICROBIOLOGY 742 Omoda Lucky Gideon MICROBIOLOGY 743 Onokpaunu Abigail MICROBIOLOGY 744 Onuosah Progress MICROBIOLOGY 745 Onuzulike Jane-Francis Ogonna MICROBIOLOGY 746 Onyike Faith Onyinyechi MICROBIOLOGY 747 Opene Emmanuel Olisa MICROBIOLOGY 748 Orogodo Natalia MICROBIOLOGY 749 Oscar Ada Orumubebi MICROBIOLOGY 750 Owei Emmanuel MICROBIOLOGY 751 Owhor Promise Chizi MICROBIOLOGY 752 Oyadongha Oyinkro Anita MICROBIOLOGY 753 Oyesanya Oluwanifemi Mariam MICROBIOLOGY 754 Ozoaka Ikechukwu Samuel MICROBIOLOGY 755 Peter Aretha Ebidiseabofa MICROBIOLOGY 756 Richard Idubamo Royal MICROBIOLOGY 757 Samuel Favour MICROBIOLOGY 758 Samuel Oglizibe Chibueze MICROBIOLOGY 759 Sandy Madara Benjamin MICROBIOLOGY 760 Silas Henry Somtochi MICROBIOLOGY 761 Sokari Thelma Sokari MICROBIOLOGY 762 Sylvanus Praise Martins MICROBIOLOGY 763 Sylvanus Telimoye Blessing MICROBIOLOGY 764 Tairu Amina MICROBIOLOGY 765 Tonworio Samuel MICROBIOLOGY 766 Ubah Chikodi Hope MICROBIOLOGY 767 Uche Ebe Joy MICROBIOLOGY 768 Uchenna Emmanuel Chinedu MICROBIOLOGY 769 Udoegbulam Chinaza Amanda MICROBIOLOGY 770 Uhegwu Chijioke Christopher MICROBIOLOGY 771 Ukaumunna Chimere Austin MICROBIOLOGY 772 Ukpere Success Oghenefejiro MICROBIOLOGY 773 Umukoro Ogheneruemu MICROBIOLOGY 774 Uneze Daberechi Peculiar MICROBIOLOGY 775 Uturu Kingsley Chinazaekpere MICROBIOLOGY 776 Uwazie Success Chinwekele MICROBIOLOGY 777 Waxson Desmond Dieovietor MICROBIOLOGY 778 Wilcox Thankgod MICROBIOLOGY 779 Wilson Gift Obiajuru MICROBIOLOGY 780 Wogunka Livingstone MICROBIOLOGY 781 Yeibri Mieseifa Samuel MICROBIOLOGY 782 Yoki Godspower MICROBIOLOGY 783 Abaye Kenneth Lucky PHYSICS 784 Abraham Goodnews Chukwuebuka PHYSICS 785 Ahonsi Princess Udulofan PHYSICS 786 Aigbotuah Nathan PHYSICS 787 Akor Augustine PHYSICS 788 Akwudi Emmanuel Ebubechukwu PHYSICS 789 Albert Sheriff Ezonbei PHYSICS 790 Alfred Franco PHYSICS 791 Amanambu Anointing Kachikwuru PHYSICS 792 Amuya Oyinbunugha Collins PHYSICS 793 Andrew Andrew Stephen PHYSICS 794 Anekwe Chukwudi Calistus PHYSICS 795 Anugoli Promise Chimenim PHYSICS 796 Atimiodigiyo Goodluck PHYSICS 797 Avoh Success PHYSICS 798 Ayibanua. Azibanigha. Emmanuel PHYSICS 799 Ayo Felix PHYSICS 800 Ayosiora Clement Ifeanyi PHYSICS 801 Broderick Michael Ebi PHYSICS 802 Chibueze Precious PHYSICS 803 Chinedu Precious Odinakachi PHYSICS 804 Chukwusa Louis Chukwunalu PHYSICS 805 Clinton Okonkwo PHYSICS 806 Dedeyi Uchenna PHYSICS 807 Digigha Bogomo Alberlt PHYSICS 808 Driver Micaiah Akparakata PHYSICS 809 Ebikeniye Konkememieyefa PHYSICS 810 Edonmi Eworitse Emmanuel PHYSICS 811 Elliot Austin PHYSICS 812 Emeka Pere Michel PHYSICS 813 Enyeribe Favour Ifeanyichukwu PHYSICS 814 Epidei Bolouarekemefa PHYSICS 815 Erovie Excel Oke PHYSICS 816 Esade Emuobosa Jonah PHYSICS 817 Ezekiel Ondorkakpo PHYSICS 818 Fred Abraham PHYSICS 819 Friday Uchechukwu Henry PHYSICS 820 George Ebisindor Emmanuel PHYSICS 821 Goodluck Ebenezer Oke PHYSICS 822 Harrison Ogboseri Amaebidouowei PHYSICS 823 Igbokwe Emmanuel Emeka PHYSICS 824 Ikpotor Seromo PHYSICS 825 Imegwu Kenneth Ogwuolise PHYSICS 826 Inafa Ayebatoinpre PHYSICS 827 Ireghe Thibiebi Blessing PHYSICS 828 Iyalla Peculiar Tonye PHYSICS 829 John Justice Pere-Ebi PHYSICS 830 Joseph Blessing Ogon PHYSICS 831 Kiakubu Piriworomi Alazi PHYSICS 832 Lamina Abiola Ridwan PHYSICS 833 Mekwunye Victor Chukwusheri PHYSICS 834 Nwakanma Obinna Chiedozie PHYSICS 835 Nwibo Shedrack Okwudili PHYSICS 836 Odi Victory Temeowiemiene PHYSICS 837 Odumafor Epere Joseph PHYSICS 838 Ogbodu Marvelous Ovieoghene PHYSICS 839 Ogbodu Praise Ejiro PHYSICS 840 Ogbuagu Emmanuel Tobechukwu PHYSICS 841 Oghenero Michael Ogagaoghene PHYSICS 842 Ogonu Goodluck Nnenuchiha PHYSICS 843 Ojidereagu Nnadozie Johnsonjude PHYSICS 844 Okalanwa Chinedu Favour PHYSICS 845 Okie Brian Chizitere PHYSICS 846 Okosun Daniel Osegile PHYSICS 847 Okuoru Woyengi-Layefa PHYSICS 848 Olaitari Ikemike Jnr PHYSICS 849 Olayiwola Segun Isaac PHYSICS 850 Omemo Devotion E PHYSICS 851 Omenka Victor PHYSICS 852 Onas Kelvin Israel PHYSICS 853 Onyebuchi Chiemerie Martin PHYSICS 854 Osazuwa Kelvin Uyioghosa PHYSICS 855 Oyekanmi Odunayo Israel PHYSICS 856 Peter Adejoh James PHYSICS 857 Popo Godwin Toritseju PHYSICS 858 Solomon Michael John PHYSICS 859 Tamaraudebaemi David Oyindeinyefa PHYSICS 860 Tarilatei Ileberi PHYSICS 861 Temple Victor Emma PHYSICS 862 Thankgod Stanley Ata PHYSICS 863 Tony Victory PHYSICS 864 Ugochukwu Daniel Obinnah PHYSICS 865 Ugochukwu Ezeugo Elvis PHYSICS 866 Ukim Emmanuel Gilbert PHYSICS 867 Uzoagbadike Ikechukwu Christian PHYSICS 868 Wabiseye Desmond PHYSICS 869 Waribo Ebiowei Benack PHYSICS 870 Wariboko Kelvin Levi PHYSICS 871 Aaron Kingsley Obuoha STATISTICS 872 Adedio Destiny Aleogho STATISTICS 873 Akpede Happy STATISTICS 874 Akpojotor Gideon Ogheneruona STATISTICS 875 Aninye Emmanuel Chiedu STATISTICS 876 Appah Emmanuel Harrison STATISTICS 877 Asakitikpi Jude STATISTICS 878 Bunu Victor Oyindoubra STATISTICS 879 Daniel Ofejiro Merit STATISTICS 880 Delekpe Amos Kohwiroro STATISTICS 881 Dovieme Jeremiah STATISTICS 882 Duruanyaoha Valentine Chinaemerem STATISTICS 883 Ebedi Peter STATISTICS 884 Ebiasuode Kemepade STATISTICS 885 Egede Nabai STATISTICS 886 Emomotimi Anointing Tams STATISTICS 887 Enuoma Oluchukwu Victory STATISTICS 888 Eti Daniel STATISTICS 889 Ewowari Raymond Nkem STATISTICS 890 Ewuchie Kelvin Nnamdi STATISTICS 891 Ezon-Ebi Ebitimi STATISTICS 892 Godspower Ekene Chris STATISTICS 893 Ikegwuonu Ifechukwu Emmanuel STATISTICS 894 Ikporo Victor Oreva STATISTICS 895 Inimi Saturday Inimi STATISTICS 896 Izu Prince Ozuem STATISTICS 897 James Elizabeth Nengimote STATISTICS 898 Jonathan Precious Toboupere STATISTICS 899 Kokumo Tariebiye Parker STATISTICS 900 Mike Favour Chinwenmeri STATISTICS 901 Nkemakolam Victor Chukwuemeka STATISTICS 902 Nnaji Prince Chidiebube STATISTICS 903 Nnebeana Nonso Joseph STATISTICS 904 Nwacheli Success STATISTICS 905 Odoko Ebidisaghabofa Raymond STATISTICS 906 Ogbonna Ebenezer Chiuno STATISTICS 907 Ogbuka Jeremiah Chidera STATISTICS 908 Ogude Augustine Ugochukwu STATISTICS 909 Okanu Ebube Christian STATISTICS 910 Okere Valentine Tochukwu STATISTICS 911 Okpara Miracle Onyedikachi STATISTICS 912 Okuru Emmanuel STATISTICS 913 Onuegbu Mercy Chinonye STATISTICS 914 Orehu Goodhope STATISTICS 915 Orupabo Sotonye Karris STATISTICS 916 Oyaseiye Tobi STATISTICS 917 Reed Ogilizibe Godswill STATISTICS 918 Saturday Dumnata Lucky STATISTICS 919 Soke Oghenero Micheal STATISTICS 920 Stanley Dickson Azibola STATISTICS 921 Ujunwa Daniel STATISTICS 922 Zidougha Emmanuel Owei STATISTICS

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