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Times Higher Education has produced a student-focused ranking to determine the best universities for teaching across Europe.

Instead of placing a focus on research output and quality, as many international university rankings do, the 2019 Europe Teaching Rankings determines the best universities for teaching quality and learning opportunities for students.

One of the key components of the ranking was THE‘s European Student Survey, taken by 125,000 university students in 18 countries across Europe. Students rated their university on a scale of zero to 10 across a number of aspects of their university life, including collaborative learning, critical thinking and application of learning to the real world.

The Student Survey accounted for 45 per cent of the university’s final scores and fed into six of the 14 performance indicators used to rank the institutions. To view the full methodology and all of the questions asked in the Student Survey

The ranking is modelled on the WSJ/THE US College Rankings and  which aim to keep the student experience at the core of the data collection.

The top five of the Europe Teaching Rankings is dominated by UK universities, with the University of Oxford taking the top spot and the University of Cambridge coming in second. In third place is the only non-UK institution in the top five, the University of Navarra in Spain. Taking the fourth and fifth places are UCL and the University of St Andrews respectively.

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